Can Watching Too Much TV Increase Heart Risk?

A new study reveals that every hour watching television increases your risk of heart disease

Australian scientists monitored approx eight thousand adults over a period of six years to assess what impact watching television had on their long-term health. During a follow up study they concluded that 87 participants of the 284 that had died; had died from cardiovascular, heart, or artery disease.

The results of the study mean that ‘every hour’ spent in front of the TV increased the risk of heart disease by 18 percent, also raising the risk of death of other causes such as cancer by 9 percent.


 The health risks are not only directed at the obese and overweight

Scientists have warned that the health risks are not just for ‘couch potatoes’ but other sedentary lifestyles – such as sitting for prolonged hours in front of a computer desk also imposes a similar risk.

According to Professor David Dunston, ‘Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Victoria, Australia’ – the risks are not only directed at individuals who are overweight or obese, as someone with a healthy body weight who spends long periods without physical activity can still be at risk, due to unhealthy changes in blood glucose levels and body fat.

The average time of people spent watching TV in Australia and the UK, is approximately 3 hours per day!

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