Can You Help Eetep Aid With Their Latest Fundraising Appeal?

What Is Eetep Aid? Eetep Aid was set up by big-hearted Phill Booth of Glossop, Derbyshire in 2005. Since setting up the non- profit organisation (a registered charity) – Phill has worked all hours to raise funds for numerous projects to help people living in desperate situations in third-world countries. Sometimes – funds have fell short of the target, and Phill has had to cough up money out of his own back pocket, but once he’s set his heart on another project – he doesn’t look back  and it’s his sheer compassion and dedication that drives him to complete his projects.
Phill appreciates the simple things in life – has a modest home and very much – a loving family man. On his facebook about me status – He quotes:
” I like a laugh and enjoy listening to music having a drink and a smoke. I am always happy, life never gets me down, I don’t worry about stupid things, I don’t care what car I drive, or what people think of me. I just enjoy what I have. I am always busy raising money for a charity I founded called EETEP and to be honest this is the thing that gives me the biggest buzz. We have changed so many things for the better in the 5 years it has been running. I love the fact i am able to help people in need.”
One of the Phill’s amazing projects was the building and completion of a new orphanage ‘ANGELS OF HOPE’ in Coimbatore, India  2009. He fulfilled his promise to the children from the squalid streets of Chennia that he would build them a safe place to live.
Photos of the completed orphanage:




Eetep Aids – Latest Project:
Kanjanur Village School in Viluppuram  – a district of Tamil Naduin, India, (where the majority of schools are of poor quality) are in desperate need of extensive building work in order to provide suitable education for around 200 nursery and primary age children living in underprivaleged conditions.
  • Eetep aims to raise funds for the 2-part project:
  • Project 1- Building work. To raise around £6,000 to provide a new roof, partitioned classroom walls, toilets, water tanks, and play equipment to the existing school building.
  • Project 2 – School extention. To raise funds to expand the school and construct school playground areas
How Can I Make A Donation?
You can make a donation for as little as you like – even if it is for £1.00, every penny will help!
To Donate: Go to Phill’s DONATION PAGE on Plus visit his website for more news on Eetep Aid  –
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