Can Zyprexa Help Bipolar Disorder Symptoms?

Bipolar affective disorder, was commonly known as manic depression disorder

It is a mental illness that causes the affected person to experience mood swings or mood cycling, involving depressive episodes, mania episodes, and/or blended episodes. There are a lot of treatment options for bipolar disorder. Essentially the most successful treatments are a mixture of medications and counseling or therapy.

During the past 10 years there have been a number of substantial breakthroughs in research towards finding the true biological reason for bipolar affective disorder. This analysis has lead to the development of a number of new bipolar affective disorder medications.

A number of of the more advanced medicines for bipolar affective disorder are described below.

Abilify, or Aripiprazole – is an atypical anti-psychotic. It was accredited for treatment of manic and mixed bipolar disorder episodes in 2004, and further accredited as a upkeep medicine for bipolar disorder in 2005. While most anti-psychotic medications work by shutting down dopamine receptors within the brain, Abilify works by making the dopamine receptors behave extra normally. This stabilization makes this latest remedy the best treatment for bipolar affective disorder.

Celexa –  is an antidepressant that has been round for a number of years. However, it has been used with increasingly more frequency in the previous few years for the treatment of bipolar affective disorder. This is due to the truth that Celexa has proven to be extra selective than other anti-depressants. This essentially means that with Celexa, fewer bipolar patients want a mood stabilizer to stop the antidepressant from sending them zooming right into a manic episode. It has been extraordinarily profitable as a upkeep medicine for bipolar affective disorder.

Geodon –  is an anti-psychotic that works as a temper stabilizer in bipolar affective disorder patients. The most thrilling factor about this latest mood stabilizer medication is that it isn’t related to weight gain. It works in a lot the identical method as Zyprexa, which has been confirmed to be a really successful treatment for the treatment of bipolar affective disorder. However, not like Zyprexa, side effects are fewer, milder, and do not embody weight achieve!

Wellbutrin –  additionally bought as Zyban, was originally developed as a drugs to assist folks give up smoking, wherein it has been fairly successful. In recent years, nonetheless, it has been found, fairly by chance, that it’s even more profitable as an antidepressant when used as a medicine for bipolar affective disorder. Chemically, it is unrelated to some other antidepressant, and it’s unknown why it works so well with bipolar patients. One benefit to Wellbutrin is that it’s a weight steady remedy, that means that patients will sometimes not see weight gain or weight loss.

As technology and analysis progresses, more practical meds for bipolar disorder are certain to be developed further. Successful treatment of bipolar affective disorder is the aim of many researchers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Focus on treatment options together with your doctor often, and preserve monitor of the latest developments in medicines for bipolar affective disorder, so that you can appreciate the advantages of profitable treatment on your bipolar affective disorder.

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