Differences Between SMS, EMS, MMS Mobile Services?

Mobile phones offer a host of different types of messages  – here is a description of their uses




SMS (Short Message Service — a short-message service) is the system, allowing to dispatch and accept text messages by means of a mobile phone.


Text of SMS message can consist of alphanumeric characters. The maximum size of the message in standard GSM is 140 byte. Thus, at usage of the 7-bit coding (the Latin alphabet and digits) it is possible to send messages in length to 160 characters.  At usage of the 8-bit coding (German, French language) it is possible to send messages in length to 140 characters. For support of other national alphabets (Chinese, Arabian, Russian, etc.) coding UTF-16 is used 2-bite. Thus, the sms written by Cyrillic cannot exceed 70 signs. Technology of SMS is supported by the main cellular networks (GSM, NMT, D-AMPS, CDMA). Also on phones it is possible to send sms from the Internet and other networks. Using special programs, universal SMS forms, and also it is direct gateway servers of transportable operators

EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service – the improved service of messages) is the system of sending of the messages, grounded on SMS. ЕМS allows . . .


you to format the text of messages (a bold type, italic, underline of separate words) to exchange pictures and logos: black-and-white, 4 color, 64 colors, the size to 255×255 pixel. Maps can be animated (the same parameters) and the elementary beeps. If ЕМS is sent on phone which is not supporting this standard, the target will receive only the text. It is necessary to notice that exchange ЕМS-message is not always possible between models of phones of different manufacturers.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service – the service of multimedia messages) is the exchange service by the short multimedia messages, grounded, unlike SMS and EMS, on technology GPRS.


This particular service allows accepting and transferring full color pictures, photos, tunes and even video clips. Unlike the EMS-messages representing text messages with graphics images attached to them and tunes, technology MMS provides possibility to insert a drawing and to a tune is direct in a message text – the receiver of the MMS-message can consider simultaneously a picture and listen to music (in EMS the text, a sound and a drawing cannot be used simultaneously).

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