What Countries Are Popular For Americans To Emigrate To?

Moving to another country can be quite nerve-wracking – it uproots your whole life and transports it somewhere else, where often you might not speak the language.


It can be a truly enriching experience though, so we’ve put together a little guide for people who may be considering making the move.


Mexico is always a popular choice for Americans looking to emigrate, particularly among retired people. The country boasts a relaxed pace of live, lower living costs, affordable housing and warm weather. Sounds lovely!

Canada is also a popular choice for Americans looking to emigrate. The proximity of the two countries is a factor here, as well as the fact they share a language and large parts of their culture. People’s reasons for emigrating to Canada vary, but they include issues as greater rights for same-sex couples, cheaper healthcare and, recently, the country’s opposition to the war in Iraq. All this, coupled with some great landmarks and gorgeous scenery makes Canada a top destination for those looking to move countries.

If you’re looking to move further away from your homeland but still want somewhere some aspects of life will be similar, such as in terms of language and parts of the culture, then you could move to the United Kingdom. This is always a popular destination for Americans, although probably not because of the weather. The UK is popular for its health system, proximity to continental Europe and the somewhat romantic image it sometimes has – Shakespeare, countryside, quaint red phone boxes and the monarchy.

Maybe, though, you want to go somewhere the weather isn’t going to be quite as temperamental, in which case, Australia could be for you. Australia is a massive country, meaning you won’t run out of stuff to explore if you move there. It also offers affordable housing, good public services, laidback culture, shared language and a stable economy. Bear in mind the fact that they operate a points system for entry, which means they favor people with certain in-demand skills.

A slightly quirkier, but increasingly popular, destination for people looking to move country is New Zealand.


It boasts beautiful scenery and mild weather throughout the year – great for people looking to get away from the cold. Its working culture is great, with lots of work leave and good working hours. There are also low crime rates and a low cost of living. Made most famous by Lord of the Rings being filmed there, New Zealand could just be the place for you.

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  1. Great article. We immigrated to New Zealand from South Africa three year ago, and love it. The clean air, nature and tons of things for the kids to do! Friends of ours said that New Zealand was built for kids, with so many activities for them in the school holidays.

    With that said, like any country, New Zealand does have it’s down sides, such as family violence, young people having children yet not knowing how to look after them, and drugs. Cold houses as well if you do not know what to look for.

    But with all of these down sides, the cities have great night life, and everything is but a short drive from where you live.. for instance, parks, the beach, the city etc.

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