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‘Flexible Forex’ trading IN ACTION (video 2) Forex rules inspired by Einstein!? (video) These 4 indicators create Forex independence… (video)! Did you watch Part 1 of the brand new video Forex training I sent you yesterday that reveals 35+ year trading veteran Bill Poulos’s recent discovery about the 3 trillion dollar a day Forex market?

It’s already shaking things up and breaking old paradigms in the Forex trading community


See what one trader had to say: “I have been trading the Forex markets for 3 years, and I can honestly say this is probably one of the most interesting videos I have seen. Bill, you have a gift of being able to explain a method that every one can understand, look forward to your next video…”but wait until you see the next video… PART 2 is ready now! It’s called…

* “Flexible Forex” FREEDOM In Action
You’ll learn:
* How to get into a “FREE trade” situation ASAP with all your Forex trades (this should be your #1 goal with ALL trades)…
* How to handle losing trades like a pro…
* The kind of market you MUST avoid at all costs…
* His “super simple” risk management rules that even an 8thgrader could understand and was inspired by EINSTEIN…
* A “hands-on” overview of some excellent broker-supplied charting and trading software that makes Forex trading easier than ever…
* …and a TON more. Make sure you take notes on these videos, because he will likely be pulling them offline next week.

Top 2 Forex Income Engine 2.0 questions answered (video)! This is just a courtesy notice to remind you to check out Bill Poulos’s brand new, complimentary “Flexible Forex” training videos…they reveal how he and a small group of his students have been enjoying all the recent volatility in the Forex markets caused by otherwise “scary” market conditions elsewhere.

So while other traders are “frozen” waiting for the markets to recover, some traders have been actively trading the Forex markets this way, day after day, completely ignoring the media’s “doom and gloom” mantra. Want to see how? (These videos will be coming offline soon, so be sure to watch them and take notes before they disappear…) I’ll let you know if he releases any more training videos or updates. But in the meantime, if any of this piques your curiosity or interest, get ready for the special, limited release of his course next Tuesday, June 29th. It’s going to be exciting.

$2,114? 3 new Forex trades (your sneak peek preview) If taking $2,114 out of 3 Forex pairs with very little work sounds appealing, then read every word of this message, becaus…I have a couple of very important updates: 1. 35+ year trading veteran Bill Poulos will be be picking the lucky recipient of the first copy of his brand new Forex Income Engine 2.0 home study course at 12pm on Monday, so check out his “giveaway” page then to find out who the lucky trader ends up being. Maybe it will be YOU.

I just checked his site, and there are a TON of entries as I’m typing this. (There’s still time to get in, if you get this before 12pm Eastern on Monday, that is…)
2. Bill just opened up access to a special members website “preview” that showcases 3 Forex Income Engine 2.0 trade videos that he recorded, and he gave me permission to share them with you.

* Each one uses a different timeframe (4 hour, 30 minute, and 15 minute bars)…
* Each one took about 10-20 minutes to trade.
* Each one turned a profit.

Total profit so far is 200 pips, or $2,114 had you traded 2 standard lots. Not bad for a few minutes of “work”. 😉 (PLUS, 2 of the trades were still open at the time they were recording, still gunning for another 88 pips, or $880. I think you’ll agree with me if I say that’s awesome…To watch them, just login to his Forex Income Engine 2.0 member’s website preview. This is similar to the site you get access to when you become a student. To see the live trade videos, go to the “Pip Vault” section after you login to the site.

Be sure to check out the entire website, because Bill also put up some previews of all the CD-ROM modules so you can get a taste of what the course is like. I hope you’re as excited as I am about being able to get access to the entire Forex Income Engine course next week. And as you watch the live trade videos, I think you’ll agree that this method makes it possible for you to truly create a new income stream on YOUR SCHEDULE, trading as little or as long as you want. As you watch these trade videos, you’ll see how it doesn’t matter where you live or when you have time to trade, because setups occur around the clock, and almost at any time – again and again… and again…


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