Girlfriend Says She Loves Me Then Cheats On Me.Why?

After a year of chatting to a girl through yearbook –  she told me that she wanted to meet up with me. I saw her for 3 weeks and she told me lots of wonderful things -like ‘I was what she had always wanted’, I was better than she had imagined, etc. During the third week she told me that she loved me and we were getting along really well, then suddenly out of the blue – she text me and said that she wanted time out on her own. I was devastated but had to respect her wishes.

She was a young teenage mum and had a child and she said that she wanted to be aloneto concentrate on the child, but during the following 3 weeks she was already secretly seeing  some other guy, like a fool – I had no idea that she could be so cruel, and the first time that I learned that she had hitched up with another guy is when a friend of hers on Facebook text me and told me to look at her status – and there it was ‘Bla bla is now in a relationship’.

I felt physically sick and could barely eat or sleep for 3 days. I truly loved this girl, was very fond of her child, and cared about them both very much.

I was shocked to see on her Facebook profile that she was already telling this new guy that she ‘loved him’. I’m guessing now that she didn’t love me at all? even though she appeared so convincing, sincere and serious about us.

She even told me that I was her soul-mate. None of this makes any sense to me, because nothing bad happened beween us. In hindsight though – she did have scores of guys that she cleary fancied and chatted with frequently, and funnily enough – all clones of me.

I would never tell a girl that I love her, string her along then dump her for someone else. How can a girl be so blatanly cruel?

Some girls fleet from one guy to another for several reasons:

  • They are immature
  • Have their eye on lots of  other guys
  • Want lots of attention
  • To boost their ego
  • They are insecure
  • Fun and excitement
  • Experiment
  • Get bored easily
    Simply realise that he is not the one for them

How can I avoid making the same mistake again?

If a girl tells you that she loves you within the first 2 weeks of meeting her then she is most likely to be caught up in her emotions. Love at first sight does exist but the majority of  long-lasting relationships are based on a couple’s growing love and respect for one-another.

If a girl or guy walks away from the relationship soon after they have confessed their love for that person – then the love they felt was unreal. ‘True Love’ is difficult to shake off and walk away from.

So you need to be careful if you don’t want to fall under the spell of untrue love. Try to keep an open mind until you are certain that your date is sincere, especially if they are very young as it is most unlikely that they are not mature enough to realise the meaning of true love.

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