Give Your Mobile Website Users ‘One Touch’ Quick Contact

Welcome to the latest technology in Mobile Website optimization!

Browsing websites while on the go is fast growing for Smart Cell and Smartphone users but as you have probably already experieced yourself – browsing on a mobile website will require you to make several steps before you can obtain the information you are looking for.

Consider this scenario :

You quickly need a contact telephone number or a map of the website you have landed on. The first thing you have to do is scroll up and down the page looking for the relevant tabs, and to read info on the tabs properly you have to enlarge the text, then when you land on the page – say the contact telephone number page, not only do you have to enlarge the text again but you will have to write down the telphone number, close the browser then type in the telephone number.

PHEW! Not only is this fidgety but unnessacarily time consuming.
 Well this is why we have made mobile website surfing the way it should be! Quick and user friendly

.  . . .  Where your customer can make direct contact with your company with just ‘one touch!’ No  more scrolling, pinching your fingers on the screen to make the text bigger, and fumbling around with fidgety tabs.

Providing a ‘one touch’ contact button for your customers is an absoloute must have for any business – and having this will not only give you potential higher sales conversions but will have other crucial benefits for your company such as:

  • More traffic to your website
  • Lower bounce rate
  • More relevant website analytics
  • Greater return on investment

FACT: A high percentage of  mobile phone users leave websites because of a poor user experience, and many companies are oblivious to this fact and have no idea of how many potential sales they have lost.

So it makes sense to have a mobile website that gives your customers exactly what they are looking for REALLY QUICKLY with just ‘one touch’.

See the difference here :-
Existing website viewed on mobile  ……  Mobile optimized website
For more information – visitExpress Mobile Websites
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