God is Everywhere’ You Don’t Need No Statue!

87547_2 bw prayThe priest said authoratively  “Have you met the Lord God?”

No, I replied. . Are you God?
“Just keep on praying little girl”, the priest said.

So I shut my eyes tight and prayed . .
Dear Lord God,
I am cold with no coat to wear
and I’m hungry all the time…

“Pray harder girl. . said the priest..
Pray 4 ‘Hail Mary’s’, and repeat these daily,
Confess your sins, ‘God doesn’t like a complainer”,
And he handed me a statue of ‘Our Lady’ the virgin Mary

I repeated the prayers every day. .
to the plaster paris virgin Mary figurine
… sad looking statue- looked like she needed a hug as well

I saw the priest again. .
And said to him:
“My sister has smashed the Virgin Mary statue to pieces!”

“Pray that she will be forgiven for her sins,
Pray the ‘Lords prayer 4 times every day,
And he handed me a statue of Jesus.

When I was praying to the Lord Jesus statue the next day .
I told my sister that I was praying for her…
praying for her forgiveness for smashing the virgin Mary statue,
and she looked at me and said. . .

“God is everywhere’ you don’t need No statue.

Story by Contributer

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