How Can I Copy And Back Up My Xbox 360 Games?

Do you want to work out what you can do to learn how to copy xbox 360 games and other console games at home without modifying your console.
There are many people out there that have successfully modified their consoles to copy and backup xbox 360 and other console games in order to have working copies of their games. Many learn the hard way that this can backfire fast and what they are left with is a lifetime ban off online network games. This is the very last thing you want to do if you want to make sure that you stay under the radar and simply make backup copies of games that you own.
Is it possible to copy xbox 360 games games without having to modify your console?
Yes, it is. It was not long ago that gamers were unable to make perfect working copies of games but thanks to many smart programmers out there you can get your hands on specialised software that can quickly and easily burn your video games at home.
You do not need any fancy hacks or modifications to get started. There are some great software packages out there today to make copies and you should do your research before purchasing one of these software packs. While the software is not free it only costs a fraction of the price of a new game and is most definitely worth the investment.
If you are a serious gamer then you have no excuse not to get started today. If you are anything like me then chances are you have let friends and family burrow your console games only to find they come back unplayable from scratches and other damages. This is a very common problem and no matter how much care you take of your games, chances are your favourite game will stop working just when you are hanging to play it, does this sound familiar?
Whatever you have heard, copying and backing up console games that you own is not illegal. Of course game developers have placed encryption on each game and that is why you need specialised software to make working copies, while this protects their interests it does nothing for honest gamers who want to have piece of mind and stop having to buy the same games over and over.
If you have tried coping your games with standard dvd authoring software then you already know that it simply does not work. This is because standard software can not break the encryption on each game that stops gamers from burning xbox 360 games. The best thing you can do is stop waisting your time trying over and over to get these copies to work and get your hands on software that makes identical copies of your games time and time again all within a few simply clicks.
First of all – you will need a game that is patched as the XBox 360 cannot detect the game. You will require ‘XBOX 360 SS Merger 1.5o’ to acheive this.
STEP 1 – Open up the program and load your iso. Click on the ‘YES’ when you get the MD5 prompt. You will have to be a bit patient as it is quite a big file and it will take a while. When the file has finished – yu will be presented with an MD5 number. Next – load your ss.bin file that came with the game.
To obtain the ss.bin file you will need to ‘Load the file’.If both boxes come up as green with matching numbers – then this is the correct file that you will need to patch. Click on the large button which is situated on the right side of the program to patch the file. Again, this will take a several minutes as it is rather a large file. When you get the ‘finished’ prompt – you can then load the file that it outputs.
Step 2 – Open up Clone CD, Tip – use version 5 at least or above. Next – hit the 2nd button to open the image file and click on your new iso. This should now load nicely. You will require a dual layered DVD +R to burn your CD as you will find that a 360 will not read any other format other than that. Lastly – you will need to burn at least 2x or as close as possible so that your game is readable and will not skip all the time.



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