How Can I Get Pregnant? I Am 45 Years Old

Did you ever, ever wanted a kid so much – that’s all you can ever think about?


Have you ever, ever tried numerous ways but without a glimmer of hope of getting pregnant? Do you ever ask yourself how to get pregnant fast though you have tried nearly every system out there?

Here, I will explain to you with 3 crucial points you will need to know about getting pregnant.

1. You get only 25% to having pregnant each menstrual cycle.

During menstrual cycle, you will only get about 25% chances to get pregnant. Instead of asking how to get pregnant, you need to start taking notes about your ovulation period as it may be the perfect time fertilization to take place. Commonly for several women, ovulation occurs in day 14 of menstrual cycle. Sperm can live as long as 72 hours in cervix while ovum can survive for only 48 hours. The perfect time to do sexual intercourse is a day just before ovulation that is day 13 of your menstrual cycle and also the following day, the day of ovulation starts. Do not forget sometimes menstrual cycle of 28 days is really a little different from woman to woman, so you may alter it a little bit several times to see the result.

2. Cervical fluid is crucial. Remember that.

Cervical fluid is fluid which helps transport sperm to vagina. It appears clear in color and has texture of white egg. It’ll be produce few days just before ovulation takes part and be more watery during ovulation process. Some women out there experienced dried cervical fluid and reason to this commonly due to some medications or drugs they took. Consult with your doctor in case you have the same problem.

3. Human body temperature is really a sign of ovulation.

Normally, your ovaries will produce estrogen hormones which lower your temperature body but during ovulation, ovaries will create progesterone hormones that will rise up your body temperature. It is great to get basal human body temperature thermometer at nearest pharmacies or drug store. Ensure the thermometer can measure as much as tenth of a degree since during this time, your body system temperature will rise up from 4-6 degrees.

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  1. I am not getting altought I try lots of fertility tablets,,, but still no baby, so I really dont what else to try.. to do In virto its too much expensive me for as I am living in saint kitts. west indies,,,,, so I really need help thank you

  2. I am 36,im married for 6months,i want to get pregnant,how can i get pregnant fast..even when we get contact i cannot feel rileasing of egg.

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