How Can I Get Rid Of My Timeshare?

Getting rid of a timeshare can be extremely difficult if not handled correctly. In the current timeshare resale market there are a lot of people trying to scam timeshare owners. The reason for so much unscrupulous activity is due to the fact that there are far more people trying to sell a timeshare than there are prospective vacationers looking to buy one. This makes timeshare owners who want to get out and sell their timeshares the perfect targets for these scammers.

What most timeshare owners experience when they try to get out of their timeshares are these scams and false promises of a sale. The unfortunate part is that these owners were assured at the time they bought the timeshare that they would be able to sell it with ease when they no longer wanted it. However, the truth is that today you simply cannot sell your timeshare as an owner and hope to get anything in return.

That is why there are timeshare relief services. So many owners have tried to give their timeshares back to their resort or even donate them to charities but sadly there is little to no success with this route. So because timeshares are so incredibly hard to sell in today’s market and there are no options for cancellation, some companies have begun to offer guaranteed ways out.

Companies like Transfer America can offer timeshare owners a written guarantee that states that they will no longer be responsible for any financial timeshare obligations. So if you are wondering if you can get out of your timeshare the answer is yes. However, you will most likely need to enlist the help of a timeshare relief service such as Transfer America to help you get out of your financial timeshare obligations once and for all.

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5 Replies to “How Can I Get Rid Of My Timeshare?”

  1. Please email me at if you’d like to get rid of your timeshare, I work for a company in Orlando, FL that will gladly take your timeshare and eliminate all anual maintenance fees while still allowing you to travel.

  2. Beware, Never pay upfront to rent, resale or cancel a timeshare. If you do, you are going to become a victim of timeshare scam. If a company is good enough, they should be willing to work on a contingency basis. trusting timeshare companies is what it got you where you are now.

  3. i have a timeshare needs to rid off. but i still owned some money. can you help me.

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