How Can I Get The Best Use Out Of My Perfumes?

Since the majority of women take time to seek out the finest fragrance that best suits their body chemistry

You ought to always keep in mind the three most crucial aspects of perfume; 

1- What you parfum smells like ; when you first just applied your: parfum murah or parfum asli.
2- The smell of the perfume that several minutes of applying.
3- After thirty minutes, if it is a good perfume – then the scent should be of a richer smell.

Keep in mind as using any perfumes or perfume that these three top components are the basis to help you choose the best perfume suited to you.

These next Basic rules of wearing perfumes should always be adhered to;

4- It is normal not to scent our fragrance after we put it on.
5- You must apply it in the warm parts of the body, (neck, wrist, etc. )
6- Always spray at least twenty centimeters away as of the skin.
7- For more fragrance top off with body lotion of the same fragrance
8- Public should aroma your perfumes at close proximity (less than fifty centimeters)
9- Temperature has an impact on the perfumes. For example, in the summer it tends to have a stronger smell.
10- In wintry weather you may want to go with a stronger aroma as the cold reduces the power of its cologne
11- Eau de toilette is ideal on clothing; perfumes are best applied directly on the skin.
12- Restrain from rubbing the scent when you apply it on the skin as it alters the delicate scent of your perfume or cologne.
13- Perfumes must be kept away from all heat sources and light. Ideally it should be kept in its original packaging and in your drawer or in a dark cupboard.
14- Pregnancy or menopause can alter the scent of your scent. Any hormonal change in ladies will alter the scent of your fragrance.
15- Spraying perfume directly on or near your pearl necklace or any costume jewelry is not recommended. The alcohol in your cologne can damage or remove some of the finish on the jewelry.

Always keep in mind to change your perfumes with the change of seasons

When shopping for perfumes do it in the afternoon when your senses are alert and at their peak. If you are going shopping for perfume it is obvious that you should not wear any other perfumes as this will react and change the smell of the body spray you are trying on. When you have sprayed some on your skin let it sit for about 10 minutes to get the proper scent. If you have dry skin apply perfumes or colognes more often than those with oily skin, and never overdo it. Some people may have allergies or be sensitive to the aroma of too much body spray. This may cause them to get headaches or make them nauseous.

Never take for granted that if a particular perfume smells fine on your friend that it will also smell good on you

Try it first before purchasing it. You should never combine perfume with deodorants or deodorant soaps as this combination may leave an unpleasant odor.

In conclusion: whether your body chemistry is floral or musk all of these methods are essential to properly maximize the performance of your body spray.

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