How Can I Get Used To Using An Hearing Aid?

An hearing aid gives a chance to hear sounds which its owner hasn’t heard for many years


Many of them will be new and unusual. Therefore, putting on a hearing aid for the first time be ready to hear the whole cascades of sounds some part of which even erased from your memory. Of course, everyone reacts to a similar situation in own way and consequently there is no, and cannot be absolutely identical instruction for everybody. Everyone gets used to the device individually.

Some accept the ability to hear again with undisguised pleasure, get used to the device very quickly and carry it successfully from the first day. Others perceive it as a foreign object, and a certain period is necessary for adaptation for such people. The effect from using a hearing aid increases in due course as you learn to improve the ability (train the hearing) and use the device with the maximum benefit for yourself. And it is very important to understand that the positive perception of the device prevails, and you start to perceive the device as usual element of your life. After all carrying a hearing aid you come back to a normal life, raise its level and quality.

In the beginning: get used to new sounds in the silent environment.

Start to carry the house device for half an hour a day, get used to quiet household sounds. Listen to sounds surrounding you, try to distinguish them – some of them will strongly differ from to what you have got used to, therefore it is necessary to learn anew to distinguish them. Even if they first irritate you – reduce loudness a little or reduce time of hearing aid carrying. Use it in various situations – train hearing, getting acquainted with sounds (without forgetting to do thus a pause for rest). In process of accustoming to devices start to increase gradually time continuous using it.

The second step: learn to listen in the open air

Firstly choose a quiet place somewhere in wood or park for this purpose. During walking time you will find out a set of nature sounds.

The third step: get acquainted with your own voice

By this time you have already considerably advanced in new acquaintance with old sounds of your daily environment. Now try to read aloud and concentrate on your own voice. Recollect, how separate words and phrases sound by your own voice.

The fourth step: learn to understand speech of others.

Start to use a hearing aid during conversations with someone from the family or friends, whose voice is well familiar to you. Sit down with him in a silent room; turn to each other to see the face of the interlocutor, and talk easy. If the device is adjusted correctly, you will hear and understand speech of the interlocutor much better, than earlier.

The fifth step: get used to conversations in group.

Participation in conversations of group of people is one of the most difficult problems of adaptation to the device. Join the conversations on simple themes, try to distinguish voices of different participants, get used to a tonality and a rhythm of their speech.

The sixth step: visit public events.

Try to find a place closer to the dynamic or to the speaker on lectures or in church.As it was mentioned in the beginning, accustoming process to a hearing aid is so individual and depends on such quantity of variables that the above mentioned stages can not simply be the same for every one!

But nevertheless, be patient in accustoming to a new hearing aid. It will help you to receive positive experience of using it, and to feel advantages from the first minutes.

Current technologies bring many advantages. Among them there are not only things for our comfort but also various appliances such as digital hearing aids which help people to overcome phisical limitations.


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