How Can I Quit Smoking and Stop Further Harm To My Baby?

So early pregnancy smoking may seem harmless if done within the first few months of being pregnant; but, the truth is unknown to many of us and there’s nothing harmless about exposing an unborn fetus to direct or second-hand smoke. Without your knowledge, you’re denying your child the oxygen they needs to survive in the womb.

Being a pregnant mother you’ve probably already developed your natural behavioral instinct to protect your child. This really is normal and has almost certainly lead you on your journey to try to learn how to do away with early pregnancy smoking. Good for you! The good thing is that it’s safe and sound for expecting mothers to quit cigarette smoking if they opt for the appropriate approach. Why don’t we first have a look at the reasons why it can be harmful for you to smoke cigarettes during pregnancy.

Cigarette smoking exposes your child to the toxic compounds present in cigarette smoke. If that weren’t bad enough, you might be also impeding the function of the placenta, which makes it difficult for your little one to receive the nutrition he or she needs during pregnancy.

When broken down it is possible to see that tobacco smoke not only damages the mother’s health, but in addition puts the child at risk for serious health issues throughout and following delivery. Each time a person smokes, a lot of the oxygen inside her bloodstream is replaced with carbon monoxide. Thus, the baby’s blood consists of much less oxygen than required, resulting in the baby’s heart rate to speed up. The toxins within cigarettes additionally change the blood’s capability to perform healthily and normally. This will immediately affect the placenta’s capability to supply the baby with the nourishment he or she needs. Cigarette smoking has proven to result in difficulties and risks to your infant. The most prominent of these are pre-term delivery and low birth weight.

So you now know why cigarette smoking is bad, now let’s consider how pregnant women can securely quit smoking during pregnancy. Expecting moms have some things to take into consideration when selecting a smoking cessation technique. They need to make sure they avoid medications and also the patch is a bad choice because it provides additional nicotine to their system that can harm their baby. Expectant women must pick a quit smoking method that actually works quickly and is also all natural.

There’s definitely a natural and safe method to lessen the risks associated with early pregnancy cigarette smoking. When you are evaluating the perfect method to kick your poisonous habit, look into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is actually a natural, risk-free, and impressive method to help you quit smoking before too much harm is caused to your unborn child, or if you wish to fall pregnant, this can be a perfect way to make certain your pregnancy goes off without a hitch. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a variety of hypnosis that locates those areas that create nicotine cravings and eliminates them entirely, enabling you to give up smoking safely without the trauma of heavy withdrawal symptoms. NLP is simply the safest and most effective way to quit smoking during pregnancy.


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