How Can I Save My Failing Marriage?

 Would you like to improve your marriage?


There are many ways with which you can help save your marriage, and this article aims to show you just what these are.

1. Don’t Panic

Can this marriage be saved? Of course! But before anything else, you must keep yourself cool, calm and collected. This may seem easier to say than to actually do, but it really doesn’t take much to achieve a relaxed disposition amidst the storm in your marriage. And it’s very important that you do so. If you panic, you’re bound to overanalyze things and jump into illogically formed conclusions. If you panic, you’ll have the tendency to make things look and sound way worse than they really are. If you panic, you’ll unknowingly let your emotions take control of the situation – and this, as you well know from past experiences, will never solve anything.

2. Be Committed

If you want to save marriage, you have to start by committing yourself to the endeavor. It’s not going to be easy, mind you. In fact, it’s going to take a lot of effort – both on your part and on your spouse’s. Once you accept the reality that it’s going to take weeks and even years before you can see some solid results, then you can work on saving your marriage without too much expectation – with more determination and less criticism.

3. Talk Things Over


Now that you have all inhibitions behind, you can go straight to rebuilding the open communication you once shared with your spouse. This is perhaps one of the most popular save your marriage advice – and the most effective. In the daily grind of marriage life – from waking up in the same bed to going home to the same house everyday – it can get pretty easy to become comfortable and, consequently, to take things for granted. You probably won’t remember when things turned sour, but there’s a good chance it happened at the very moment you and your spouse no longer talked. Not about the ordinary household things, like what’s needed in the pantry or who’s going to fix the sink, but about the things that matter, like why a movie made you cry or how you miss certain maneuvers in the bedroom. This stuff may seem trivial, but they actually hold intimate secrets, which when shared will make you both feel closer.

It doesn’t take much to have open communication once again.

You can start by talking to your spouse the moment you open your eyes, and have bits of conversation at the breakfast table. In the course of the day, call your spouse once or twice from the office and ask about how the day is going. Then, make an effort to go home in time for dinner, and save the rest of the night to reconnecting with your spouse. Usually, anecdotes about the past, life a funny story about you during the early years of your relationship, are enough to get things going. Before you know it, you’ll be talking about what went wrong and making a promise to make things better again.

With these Ways to Save a Marriage, you now know the answer to the question, “Can I save my marriage?” It’s a resounding and must be an enthusiastic “Yes!”

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