How Can I Select the Correct Conveyer System?

If you are having a warehouse or professional distribution center then you may probably have faced the problem with selecting the correct conveyors system


In addition you may face the problem with identifying, developing and purchasing the best material handling system.

The key option you should know is when choosing the system, you must be sure that it meets such characteristics as adaptability to changing needs, reliable and requiring minimal maintenance, operational safety, energy efficient and has environment-protective principles, cost effective to operate. Unfortunately nowadays the conveyors are not estimated highly so this is the last elements considered in the process of planning. That’s why during their purchase buyers pay attention not to its value but to the cost.

It’s not a secret that the main requirement for conveyors systems is to transport product between successive steps, and to provide cumulation buffers throughout the process. The latter can also enable ongoing production during downtime or localized backups within the process. So when choosing the conveyors for your system you should check its modularity. It should present pre- modules, engineered sections and components. All of them may be easily combined in order to provide an preliminary customized layout, but at the same time may be easily reconfigured. On the other hand there should be flexibility.

The conveyors should satisfy today’s demands, as well as take into consideration future growth requirements


Of course, safety plays an important role here, so you should choose the conveyors with built-in safety features. In order to increase productivity, create a better work for environment, and reduce operator injuries it is better to choose conveyor system with proper ergonomics. And of course it is quite important to choose the reliable conveyor in order to be sure that it will work properly for a long time. That’s why it is quite important to consult at least with the people on the Internet and discuss the performance and reliability of the units.

Having chosen the correct convey, the next thing to be considered is the chemical tanks

It is the special tank to transport, mix and store chemicals. They are normally made of the materials resistant to the stored type of chemicals. Also while designing the tank the following characteristics are taken into consideration: temperature, pressure, erosive and corrosive. The thing is that the material should take all the characteristics of the stored chemicals including cold, heat, vacuum, pressure and the aggressive nature etc. another important thing is venting and overflow control of the chemical tank. The thing is that for such tank it is important to vent the air out as it is quite dangerous if the air contacts any stored chemical.

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