How Can I Stop Smoking Without Side Effects?

Can someone quit cigarette smoking without having side effects?


Stopping smoking is difficult mostly because of the various unwanted side effects that you can experience once you newly quit smoking. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could possibly kick the habit effortlessly. Well, you can easily quit cigarette smoking if you find the correct quit smoking method.

A few of the unwanted effects you could feel whenever you stop smoking include trouble sleeping, nervousness, short temper, extra weight, sleep disturbances, and headaches. Once you try quitting cigarette smoking you may experience some of these however, many unfortunate people experience all of them.

And so how do i know about all this? Well, it was not too long ago that I was attempting to kick the habit myself. I needed to stop so bad but was working in a stress filled job and had a young family. I knew I needed to give up smoking but whenever I tried the side effects started in and I would reach for a cigarette once the cravings got to be far too much.

I made a promise that if I was able to stop smoking cigarettes that I would definitely do all I could to help other smokers stop this deadly habit. I did manage to ultimately stop smoking cigarettes but it was a unpleasant process. I must have attempted a hundred times until it eventually “stuck.”

Since that time I have become a passionate researcher of various quit smoking techniques. Of all of the various approaches I have researched and recommended the most effective, hands down, has been NLP.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming but don’t let the fancy name frighten you. It is actually a type of hypnotherapy that’s been around for years. It doesn’t need to be administered by a doctor or specialist, you can experience the advantages of NLP right in your house utilizing a basic audio session that is readily available for download from the internet.

NLP functions by targeting and taking out the cravings for cigarette smoking. It’s the cravings for smoking that lead to most of the side effects. Giving up smoking can be easy with NLP as a result of how effectively it takes away the cravings to light up. As a matter of fact it had a 97.2% rate of success in a newly released test of 5,000 cigarette smokers who took part in an NLP session.

So if you are wanting to stop smoking without uncomfortable side effects you are ready for NLP. Get the stop smoking help you need to help you succeed in your ultimate goal of becoming smoke-free. NLP is effective, simple to use, and can help you to give up smoking without the unwanted effects that can often be part of the process of growing to be smoke-free. If you believe you’ll need some stop smoking help to give up smoking then NLP will be the answer for you.

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3 Replies to “How Can I Stop Smoking Without Side Effects?”

  1. Good point from Michael! The overlooked benefits of stopping smoking must be far more compared to any side-effects.

  2. Please let me know that the NLP is specially for quitting smoking? if not what is it about and how woul it help me stop smoking, please please give me some details.

  3. NLP is a based on set of hypnotherapy tapes that you listen to at home. The therapy concentrates on the psychological addiction of smoking rather than the physical one. The system has worked for many smokers especially those who find giving up smoking more challenging mentally but can cope better with the physical side effects. Every smoker is different in terms of what help they need to quit. I am an ex-smoker myself and stopped smoking 15 years ago. I did it through sheer will power but now and again -I think that the smoking demon is still hiding in the closet because I have had the urge to pick up my sisters lit fag lying in the ashtray and have a puff – hence – although I have tackled the physical addiction of smoking, I feel that some sort of mental therapy may have rid the demons for good. If I had to go through it all again – I would definately tackle the addiction from a psychological and physioligical aspect, even if I had to spend money in the process as you will save thousands of pounds in the future and anything is worth a try in order to quit the evil weed.

    Hope this reply helps and all the best,

    More info on NLP system here:

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