How Good Is the Motorola Android 3.0 Powered Phone?

The Motorola Droid Pro, A Phone That Will Surely Change The Industries Standard

Motorola, which is benefiting from some great times with the company’s Android based smartphones, continues to pick up its pace in the market. This upcoming November, Motorola is going to be releasing yet another Android device: the Motorola Droid Pro.

Motorola plans to introduce the Motorola Droid 2 to the rest of the world under the brand name Motorola Droid Pro. Although the Droid Pro will be very close to the Droid 2 in terms of specs, look and features, it will also be coming with GSM support. This launch follows the release of the original Droid by Motorola last year.

While full specifications have not been disclosed at this time, the Motorola Droid Pro is said to boast a front-facing camera for video chat and the latest version of the operating system, Android 3.0. It may also come with a 4-inch display, slightly smaller than the 4.3-inch screen on the Droid X.

The model number is Motorola A957 and Motorola is also said to be working on a more business-focused version of the Droid 2, model number A956, with a World Edition global roaming feature that will launch relatively soon, according to mobile gadget site Boy Genius Report.

Following the launch of Google’s Android mobile operating system and along with a close partnership with Verizon Wireless, Motorola intends to introduce new devices that offer a faster chip than in any current smartphone running Google’s operating system.

The Droid Pro could also be considered the fasted smartphone to date, running at a 1.3GHz processing speed.. The Droid Pro will reportedly be the first in the Droid series that can be used outside the United States as it would support both Verizon’s CDMA networks and the GSM networks in Europe and Asia.

The Droid Pro Phone is just one of many Android phones slated for release over the next year. Other global devices are expected from Samsung and HTC as well as a variety of Verizon-based tablets such as a 10-inch Motorola tablet based on Android 3.0, scheduled for release late this year/early 2011 and a 7-inch Samsung with front-facing camera. Google said there are 160,000 new Android-powered devices activated daily and that the Android market has grown to more than 65,000 applications.

There are also several accessories that can protect your phone and keep it running at a prestine condition. Motorola Droid Pro accessories range from Motorola Droid Pro screen protectors, privacy screen and mirror screen protectors. These help protect your Droid Pro’s screen, whille some give you extra properties, like a mirror reflection so you can use your phone as a mirror too.

There are also several car chargers and home chargers available for the Droid Pro. There are Microfiber Cleaning Clothes and and car mounts available. But we cannot forget about the protector cases. Motorola Droid Pro cases range from the Seidio Innocase Holster to the Seidio Innocase Rugged Holster Combo, hard plastic cases, rubber coated cases, silicone cases and other OEM cases.


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