I Need A Review For The Waring MBB518 – Expert Bar Blender


Waring Blender MBB518 – Professional Bar Blender

The Waring Blender MBB518 can tackle anything  virtually you throw into it;  such as – ice, fruit, protein powder, soups, dips, you name it.  Need to cool off with a frozen drink?  Do you make lots of smoothies? Want a bar blender for your next celebration when you fix Margaritas for a crowd? Want a dip for an impromptu get together? This blender will withstand as much as what ever you’ll need it to.

‘Waring’ is one of the very best known name in blenders

Brand leader and inventor ‘Fred Waring’ introduced the first blender in 1936.  They needed something to create those frozen daiquiris!   Waring still sets the standard that all other brands try to compete with Warings credibility and long  standing. His products are well made, dependable and effective.

I purchased this one originally for a celebration.  It was a summer bash and I wanted to be able to make Margaritas and daiquiris for a crowd out about the patio.  I needed a blender that would stand up to crushing ice for our frozen treats without overheating or wimping out.  This one did the job better than I could have wanted.  It churned out batch following batch of crushed ice and frozen drinks. That party has become an annual tradition and my Waring blender still holds center stage on the patio bar and has by no means let me down.

When it is not mixing party drinks it is creating other frozen treats for the summer season

Fruit slushies to cool off with over a hot summer time afternoon, berries,  juice or lemonade and ice blended up into a cold frozen treat to cool off with or to pop in to the freezer for an ice pop for later.

Close friends stop by for just a cold drink, kids needing a snack.

Need to have a dip to go with that fruit slushie or margarita? Toss some cream cheese or sour cream in to the blender with olives and garlic or pesto or salsa or what ever else you’ve on hand that may possibly be tasty.  Whirl and blend and presto, add crackers and slushie for an instant celebration on a summer time afternoon.

The one concern I had when I bought the Waring Blender MBB518 was that it would be hard to clean, however – the glass jar and lid rinse out effortlessly and I can pop in to the dishwasher.  As for cleaning blades, several drops of dishwashing liquid inwater and a quick swhirl is all tht is needed..

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