I’m Pregnant, Can I Get Help To Give Up Smoking?

Are you an expecting new mother concerned about the effects of smoking during pregnancy?

Expecting ladies absolutely must give up smoking to protect their unborn children. If there ever was a time to stop smoking, now is it. It is possible! Once you learn why and how to do it, giving up cigarette smoking will become a breeze.

Imagine for a moment a time in the not too distant future soon after your child is born. Your new born infant; sweet, innocent, and wonderful. Now envision taking that infant into a smoky bar or party, a thick cloud of smoke hanging in the air from many smokers puffing away and you standing there along with your baby as they breathe the noxious, smoky air. You wouldn’t dream of it would you?

Hang on a second you say, I would never take my baby into this kind of an atmosphere. Well, in reality you are doing precisely that to your unborn baby, you are subjecting them to all of the chemicals and poisons in cigarettes, and there are a huge selection of them. Only you are doing it through the blood that your body nourishes them rather than through your lungs.

Please understand I am definitely not questioning the love you feel for your unborn infant. I am sure that by now you already feel that motherly connection towards them. Because you are even reading this demonstrates that you’d like to quit smoking cigarettes, I am only trying to prove a point that your own smoking habit is poisoning your child.

There are several risky effects of smoking during pregnancy


Expecting moms to be need to comprehend how their smoking habit compromises the well being of the child developing inside them. The two biggest effects of smoking cigarettes are reduced birth weight and also preterm delivery. Smoking cigarettes during pregnancy also can bring about harm to the placenta which additionally can harm your baby.

Give up smoking today! You already know why; here’s how. A pregnant woman needs to use a smoking cessation approach that is natural and organic and that works swiftly. You do not need to make use of drugs that are dangerous in pregnancy. You also do not want to make use of methods which could take a very long time or several attempts to work.

The stopping smoking method that satisfies these considerations is NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming


This is a kind of hypnotherapy that’s been used for many years to help cigarette smokers kick the smoking habit. NLP is a kind of hypnotherapy that works by elminating the subconscious cravings to smoke. It’s a terrific way to quit smoking during pregnancy.

Neuro linguistic programming is quite effective at helping smokers take away the effects of smoking. Expecting mothers will appreciate the fact that Neuro linguistic programming is an all natural method to give up smoking. It also operates very quickly. NLP stop smoking programs can be found on audio recordings so all you have to do is listen to a recording to get your desires to smoke cigarettes removed. So if you are really serious and wish to quit smoking during pregnancy look even more into Neuro-linguistic programming.

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