Is ShopperPress Any Good? Review.

When I first researched ShopperPress – I must admit that I was a bit sceptical about it because it seemed a bit too cheap compared with other shopping cart software. Prior to purchasing this package I was trialing a demo with a shop script.  The script would have cost me $299.00 to buy – a high price to swallow upfront before any profits roll in.

So I thought that I would give shopperpress a go, especially when I realised that I could purchase the full package for less than $50 with an online voucher that I found through searching on Google! I assume that the launch price was a lot more than what I have paid out, hence I feel very fortunate to have purchased this at a knock down price! Especially when I tell you how great it is.

I was absolutely amazed by the fantastic shop features it comes with. Not only can you easily set up your desired payment methods easily, (I have just set mine up for paypal payments at the moment) but you can set up discount codes for your products as well as postal costs by weight, which means that your customers will get the best value postage for their purchases and it takes the hassle out of customer multiple purchase postage enquiries for you.

One of the best features that I love is that you can choose to feature items with a wrap-around ribbon and type in your desired text. I.e. on some of my featured items – The ribbon displays ‘10% discount Code’. Alternatively you can write what you like such as ‘Special Offer’ or ‘Deal of The Day’ etc. It really is a brilliant feature and very attractive and appealing.

One of the other fantastic features of this software is that you don’t have to worry about having low stock to display when you are setting up your site because you can import products from and Ebay within a few minutes! Thus your shop will still look professional while you are still working on it. Having this feature will also give you an idea how your shop will look and whether the theme you have selected is right for you.

See screenshot below:

shopperpress review

By the way – I am using the ‘Blue Bubbles’ Theme.  The Shopperpress plugin comes with 20 themes to choose from. I tried out at least 5 of them but found that this particular theme had one of the best layouts. You can also create and customise your own theme by uploading the ‘child’ version.

This is an honest review and I am no way affiliated with Shopperpress. I have provided this information because I could not find many comprehensive reviews on it when I needed it. Besides – This software deserves a decent review because you will not find anything near as good for your money, and Mark Fail (its developer) is certainly a winner with this one!

I have been working on my site for about a week now, and really pleased with the results. Oh and I forgot to mention . . . an error appeared with my product pages when I first set up my shop but I raised a help ticket with the Shopperpress support team and I was gob smacked to find that they responded to me in less than half-an-hour! And fixed my problem.

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