Mobile Accessories: What Is EDGE Technology?

Technology EDGE (an Enhanced Data rate for Global Evolution is the improved transfer rates for GSM-standard evolution)


It is easy to guess from its name plays at once two roles: first, provides higher capacity for transmission and reception of the data, and secondly, is for one more step on path from GSM to UMTS. The First step is implantation GPRS, is already made. Not far off and the second step is the implantation where EDGE has already started in the world.

For the first time EDGE has been presented ETSI (the European institute of standardization of telecommunication) in the beginning of 1997 as evolution of existing standard GSM. EDGE uses the same pass-band and structure of time slots, as GSM. Thus the operator can continue to use already available ranges of frequencies on 200 kgc, structure of channels and frequency schedules, thus offering the abonents a number of services of the third generation.

Moreover, used in EDGE the package format completely is identical to a similar package in TDMA or GSM. It includes test sequence from 26 characters at the package centre, two tail sequences from three characters from each end of the package, two sequences with the data on 58 characters and check sequence from 8.25 characters.

Technology EDGE can take root in two different ways: as GPRS extension, in this case it is necessary to name EGPRS (enhanced GPRS) or as CSD (ECSD extension. Considering that GPRS it is extended much more widely, than HSCSD, we will stop on consideration EGPRS.

EDGE is not the new standard of cellular communication:

However, EDGE means additional physical level which can be used for increase in capacity of tools GPRS or HSCSD. Thus, tools are given in the same way, as before. Theoretically, tools GPRS is capable to provide conducting to 160 Kbit/with (at physical level, in practice supporting GPRS Class 10 or 4+1/3+2 devices provide only till 38-42 Kbit/with and if congestion of a network of cellular communication allows), and EGPRS — to 384-473,6 Kbit/with. For this purpose usage of the new modulation circuit, new methods of coding of channels and an error correction are necessary.

EDGE, as a matter of fact, is “deckhouse” (more truly, setup if to consider that physical level is below the others) to GPRS and cannot separately exist from GPRS. EDGE as already it has been told above, means usage of other modulation and code circuits, saving compatibility with voice communication CSD-service.

Thus, from the point of view of the client terminal, implantation of EDGE should not vary anything. However, the infrastructure of the base server will undergo some changes, though and not such the serious. Besides increase in capacity for data transfer, implantation of EDGE increases capacity of a network of cellular communication: it is possible to “pack” into the same time SLOT now bigger quantity of users, accordingly, it is possible to hope not to receive the message “a network it is occupied” in the inopportune moments.

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