Mobile Phone Industry’s Top Rated Pre-Pay Wireless Network

Peoplez Wireless is quickly generating a name for itself within the tremendously competitive mobile mobile phone industry


Using the introduction of their all-inclusive no contract unlimited cell phones. Peoplez Wireless is the cellular division of People Helping People, Inc., an multi level marketing business located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The no contract unlimited cell phones plan with Peoplez Wireless are distinguished by its low price. You’ll notice 3 no contract unlimited cell phones plans priced at $89.99, $69.99 and $49.99 respectively. All these wireless network selections contains all telecom taxes. Usually, the telecommunications taxes could certainly add up to an additional 15% to 20% of the original regular bill. For that reason a closer review of the particular pricings structure reveals a substantial savings when compare to other wireless service providers.

Furthermore, the no contract unlimited cell phones ride on all four primary mobile carrier’s network. The Peoplez Wireless client will get the same service as the major carriers at extensive savings. Due to this affiliation, Peoplez Wireless offers both the GSM and CDMA wireless systems. Peoplez Wireless presents a secure and more content client experience at lower price ranges to the consumer.

The managers at Peoplez Wireless have taken careful attention towards the selection of the services and products that make up their diversified portfolio. It is this serious interest in getting it precise the first time which enables independent reps wish to sign on with this fresh upstart business and help sell their very marketable products and services.

The People Helping People independent sales reps ought to be self-starters with the determination and drive to enjoy new challenges caused by the multilevel marketing industry. Make no blunder it is a work from home business opportunity in every way. The independent distributors are considered independent contractors or 1099 with regard to IRS purposes.

As independent contractors, each rep is in charge of their own expenses and taxes of operating their particular enterprise. This really indicates that each sales rep sets their respective work schedule. The independent sales reps may work full time or part time in this home based company. Perhaps the most stunning benefit from this company is the nicely assembled pay plan.

It is no secret that the compensation plan has been made to increase and benefit the normal independent agent. This only denotes that from top to bottom every rep has the opportunity to receive a 6 figure income. Stay- at -home moms ought to seriously consider the comp plan since it will permit moms to stay home with young children and continue to supply full time compensation.

The business’ doctrine of people helping people could make joining up with this company a welcome relief for many independent representatives. In the final analysis, the products and services are distinctive and visionary in breadth. There won’t be any dreary solutions here.

Peoplez Wireless makes it easy for representatives to sign on with them by focusing like a laser on their interest and the desire to supply quality service to both the independent distributors and the consumer.

Author: Blake Ryan like to write articles about Network Marketing industry and how small businesses can benefit from the products and services.

PeoplesZ Wireless is a registered trademark of People Helping People Inc., and is not responsible for nor endorses the content of this article.

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