Modern Art Movement – When Did It Happen?

People have been debating regarding the term “modern art” for a long time. The modern art movement commenced in a time period that cannot be clearly defined. It may seem that there were initiators of the  modern art movement as far back as the beginning on the nineteenth century or even further.

It seems that the modern art movement may have been developing over a hundred years. It is actually not so important when the movement started. The most important point  – is that the modern art movement has its own exclusive authenticity along with a great value that makes it separated from any other art movement.

Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Alfred Sisley are the some of the most famous impressionists. There are also a lot of well-known compatriots of these artists, but when people talk about impressionism these artists’ works usually come to the mind. In their paintings impressionists usually used bright brush strokes and put great stress on light and movement.

The main goal of the work of art was to catch a moment and to make this moment seem lifelike.  Post impressionism was almost the same with impressionism with the only one difference — post impressionists got rid of some of the limitations impressionists still had at that time. For creating an effect post impressionists often twisted forms, used geometric shapes and unusual colors. One might say that Vincent Van Gogh is the most famous post impressionist.

Expressionism movement. Expressionists use the method of distorting reality in order to get an emotional effect, angstrom often. Expressionism is one of not numerous art movements that is exhibited in many various art forms like painting, movies, music and theater. There is an opinion that expressionism movement was born in the twentieth century.

There are other famous art movements that have blossomed since the nineteenth century. Cubism for example, that is the best displayed in the works of Pablo Picasso, but cubism movement was also used in literature and architecture. Symbolism movement is displayed in painting and literature, this art movement captured the shady side of life.

Modern art movement is vibrant and it is not an easy task to put some limits around it. The works that are counted as “modern art” have so many aspects and nuances that sometimes it seems it is just senseless to try to explain it. WE only may say exactly that modern art has brought us from the period when most all works of art looked the same, and the art world was subject to exacting rules, to the period when the art has got rid of all barriers and become unrestricted. That is why the works of modern art are so precious, and that is the uniqueness of modern art.

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