New Driver – What Safety Checks Should I Make On My Car?

A lot of people like driving and even new drivers often go for long drives

But before driving on the road, all of us should really take certified training in driving.

If you feel worried about driving safely – you may like to consider taking a ‘driving training’ course which will give you more confidence will increase your chances of staying safe and healthy on the road. Such safety training will also reduce the number of accidents on the road. It is important to drive safely for everyone including drivers and passengers. During your driving safety, you will take part in discussion of different aspects.

The most important aspect to be discussed is the state of  your vehicle. It is crucial to maintain the vehicle in proper condition; otherwise even the best driver will not be able to prevent the accident.

 Make sure you check oil and other fluids in your car regularly and replace them if necessary


If your car runs out of oil, the engine will stop working smoothly. Knowing driving safety will help you prevent hitting and getting hit by other cars. But if the functional fluids are missing in your car, this will create a risk factor for you, your passengers and other people on the road.




 You should also check the pressure of tires regularly, because your car cannot function properly if the tyre pressure is insufficient


If the tire pressure is too high, this may cause the tire explosion. You will be able to control your car better with higher pressure, but flying fragments of tires can create dangerous condition for other drivers on the road. At the same time, driving with not enough air in your tires reduces the pressure and decreases your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.




It is also important to use the right fuel for your car some new drivers have unwittingly put in the wrong fuelWarning


Do not drive the car if you have put in the wrong petrol, because will cause the car’s engine to seize. Severe engine damages are also caused by such practice and you will end up replacing the engine altogether. You will need to ring your vehicle breakdown recovery company and have your car towed away.

Besides personal driving, many of us drive vehicles professionally. In order to be able to drive professionally, you must get the driver CPC. And if you have to operate some more complex vehicles such as cranes at your job, you will be required to take HIAB training. These safety programs will help you create safe working conditions at your workplace as well as protect yourself and other people from danger.

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