New York Landlord Tenancy Law – Is Your Financial Future Safe?

No matter what you could hear before, however we can strongly recommend being very careful about outing your property on lease nowadays. Some people may say that it is the best way of earning very “easy” money nowadays. On the one hand we agree that you don’t have to work physically and don’t need to spend 8-10 hours at work.

However, this is the kind of work that needs a lot of time, courage and patience. Sometimes it is very risky and dangerous as there are not always fair and honest people who want to rent your flat. There are many of those who try to take the advantage of you and your property no matter what means they have to use for that.

Even more, landlords can be exposed to danger of physical and financial threat. That is why one has to take all means of precaution in order to avoid or prevent the situation with unpleasant outcome.

First of all the specialists on property recommend to sign the provisions of lease. It is the best way to ensure you against dishonest tenants. However, very often landlords neglect this rule, as in case you go to the notary office with your agreement a landlord has to pay the additional taxes.

On the other hand, if the case comes to the court, the agreement that hasn’t been notarized does not ensure a good for you result. To be honest, knowing the statistics of property frauds, one has to think well what is better, either to pay the taxes or lose the property completely. I guess that the majority would choose the first option. Don’t try to save money there where you have the danger of losing more.

This is a general and most essential recommendation how to avoid unnecessary problems. Of course, there are some other minor recommendations which have to be known by those who have the extra apartment and want to get some additional income.

One of the best ways is to ask for a piece of advice those who are already experienced in conducting such kind of business. They may tell you such tricks in managing the situations with the tenants which you will not read on the internet and will not learn from some specialized agencies.

There is also one good recommendation given by the specialists: you have to ask for the help of insurance companies. You can’t ensure all risks that occur in the relationship between tenants and landlords because not all of them are beneficial for insurance companies.

For example, one will never be ensured against the risk of non-payment. However, it is possible to ensure the responsibility of a tenant for the rented property and its damage. And it is already 50% of your calm life.

Today many people who own additional appartment try to conduct business on that. But often tenants turn down to pay their rent payments, and New York is not an exclusion here. Those landlords who are facing that kind of problem may be interested in New York tenant landlord law. Cases may differ, and one is able to overcome some of them just being aware of the appropriate NY tenant landlord information.

And bear in mind that we live in the digital world of high technologies. If you are looking for any details in respect of landlord tenant New York, avail yourself of the Internet network. Search engines, forums, social networks and blogs – they all give you a truly unique chance to find anything on the best terms which are available on the market.



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