Norton 360 – An Anitvirus Protection that Pays

While purchasing a subscription antivirus or other internet security platform can be difficult on a tight budget, the costs (risks) associated with not doing so far exceed the expenditure to purchase a good program like Norton 360. Available on an annual subscription cycle, Norton 360 is a one and done expense that pays you back daily by preventing, detecting, quarantining and removing threats from your PC.
If you’re online often, your chances of encountering a virus, Trojan, spyware, or some other malicious download increase exponentially


But, even a single visit to the internet just once a week presents major security risks to your PC and all your personal files and data.When just logging on is a risk, then ensuring your have adequate, real time scanning and internet security measures in place is essential. Keep your personal information, your PC and all its data, and even your identity safe through the use of a single, simple to install, use, and manage platform like Norton 360.

With a subscription renewed annually, your expense for your Norton 360 package comes just once per year, but your software protections pays for itself daily by preventing damage to your PC, theft of your identity or personal information, and damage to your valuable files, photos, and other data.

Norton 360 isn’t the only product Symantec provides either. So, no matter what you’re looking for in a security platform, you’ll find it with Symantec, and there are a number of online providers from whom you can purchase your initial subscription, including sites like

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