Personalized Birth Announcements For Multiple Babies

With a recent increase in the count of multiple births such as twins and triplets there is a new need for birth announcements for multiples


There didn’t used to be much to choose from when it came to announcements especially designed for multiple babies. But now with the internet available there is a much larger selection of customizable baby announcements to choose from.

The classic way to notify family and friends of your new baby’s arrival is to send out a birth announcement. Many parents make the decision to add a cute photo of the newborn. Parents who had multiples usually had trouble finding an inexpensive birth announcement for twins or triplets. Not so anymore! The great news for parents is that with all the options available online, new parents have a ton of choices for twin and triplet birth cards and they can even get them personalized at little or no charge.

Parents who wish to include a photo of their babies with their announcement choose from a selection like twin photo birth announcement cards. These will have a photograph of your babies that you have selected printed right on the card. You can write the wording yourself adding all the important information about your new baby that you want to share in the type style, color and size of print that you like. Finally, you no longer have to spend all that time hand writing your baby’s information on every card.

Triplets are not the only specially designed baby cards available now. You can now find specially designed cards for parents adopting a child Another new option is the sibling birth announcement. Your older child can now personalize their own announcement to share the news of their new little brother or sister with their friends. Photo birth announcements are now a favorite, since most websites will add the photograph to your cards for free or a minimal charge. Don’t need to spend time getting a bunch of copies made of your favorite shot of the new one. Just choose that one perfectly adorable snapshot and it can be printed all your announcements. A fun new idea is to use a picture of the newborn with the whole family. Your family and friends will love to see a picture of your new sweet one, especially if they are not able to come see the baby.

The birth announcement industry has come a long way from going down to your local drugstore and picking up a pack of cards The perfect announcement is now available with all the options available to personalize. Announce your new arrival to all your family and friends with a perfectly personalized birth announcements. They are sure to love it!

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