PPE Safety Visors @ £1.45 Cheapest UK

Staysafe Visor

A UK based packaging company ‘1st Packaging Ltd’, turned their manufacturing process to PPE supplies in aid of assisting the COVID-19 crisis. Their primary aim is to provide vital protection for front-line healthcare workers from all care sectors with a cost-effective solution in mind.

Care homes have been hit most by the spiralling cost of buying personal protection equipment. Shortages in supply meant the social care sector had to resort to buying from private sellers for ridiculously inflated prices. The sad reality is that many poeple out there rushed to profit from the Coronavirus.

Some carehome sectors were teetering on the brink of bankruptcy while they had no choice but to pay through the nose for PPE to protect the safety of their staff. No healthcare organisation should placed in such a vulnerable position, and at the mercy of unscrupulous businesses.

The companies range of safety visors including: Medi 1st Visors are designed and manufactured in the UK. As well as being CE marked, they provide safety, and comfort and are available at a comparatively low cost. At only £1.45 cost per unit – Healthcare companies can budget even more by purchasing quantities in bulk.

For more info and to place orders visit: https://staysafevisor.co.uk/

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