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“Just because you have been arrested on suspicion of a crime does not mean you are a criminal. Many a time’s misunderstandings lead to arrest and a criminal charge cannot be leveled against you without sufficient evidence. If there is no sufficient evidence the accusation would not hold in a court and will be thrown out. You will always remain innocent unless proved guilty against any criminal conduct charge.

San Antonio criminal defense attorney advise that on point of arrest one should not speak to the officer in charge of the arrest. The accused should cooperate with the police officer, which could help when the officer testifies against you and is asked about your conduct. When the officer reads to you your Miranda rights they mean it when they say that anything you do or say would be used against you.

You must insist on the presence of your attorney when you are being questioned. There have been cases where an accused has been tricked into making statements. Remember the cops are not there to help you they will try every trick to strengthen their case, you must have already heard about the good cop bad cop routine where one cop will scare you while the other will try to act as your guardian angel and convince you to make statements.

The only information you should give the police is your name and address. San antonio criminal lawyer  specialize in criminal cases and know from experience how to defend a client in the face of arrest, they should be the first people you call when arrested. Do not argue or touch anything while waiting for the attorney. Little mistakes you make could be used against you later during trial.

You should not sign any papers voluntarily no matter how much the coax you to. You cannot be searched without an arrest warrant either. You can ask them for what charges you have been arrested. If you are not under arrest you can leave unless you are sober. The most important thing is to stay calm and silent while you wait for your attorney.

A good criminal law attorney will first try and bail you out. They will listen to the situation you are in and study the circumstances including the evidence. This will give them a fair idea about where you stand and how they can go about defending you. They will talk to you about your options and help you chose the one that is best for you. It is the responsibility of your attorney to make sure you are not convicted of the crime or at least try and get you a reduced fine or jail sentence.

You would not be able to defend yourself thus it is best to hire a criminal law attorney to help you defend you case.”

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