Psychology Studies Through Scientific Dreams – What Are They?

The knowledge obtained by interpreting the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation works like free psychotherapy for the human being.





All dreams contain important messages of the unconscious mind. Today they can be easily translated into comprehensible words and sentences, because we know precisely how the dream language and the dream logic work.

Psychology studies through scientific dream interpretation reveal to us many basic points of the dreamer’s personality and life. The unconscious mind is a natural doctor, sending to each dreamer infinite messages that contain objective information, guidance, warnings, advice and predictions. The basic intention is to protect the dreamer’s mental health, and give them balance.

This means that we already have a natural psychologist at our disposal. We only have to learn the symbolic dream language in order to be able to understand the free, and always successful, unconscious psychotherapy.

For example, we can immediately diagnose a mental illness if we observe that someone’s dreams are constantly showing blood, especially if the blood comes out of the dreamer’s head in a dream. Dreams with violent scenes and the spill of blood indicate absurdity.

Generally, nightmares indicate that there are abnormalities in the dreamers’ behavior and in their lives. The dreamers are making mistakes, not seeing a big danger, not doing something they have to, falling into traps, ignoring the characteristics of the objective reality and living in a fantastic world… something is wrong with them, without a doubt.

All studies based on dream analysis clearly reveal to us that our own dreams reflect our behavior, showing us its abnormalities and how we can find balance. They give us gradual lessons, helping us correct our mistakes and develop our intelligence.

For example, the appearance of the snake in a dream is an indication that the dreamer has to pass through painful experiences in order to correct their wrong behavior so that they may avoid future problems. It represents the bad event that will put an end to a situation that could only have a bad end, preventing the dreamer from continuing to make mistakes and from suffering with their consequences.

If we have this knowledge, we can understand the psychology of each dreamer, and understand from what they are passing through in their lives.

We can therefore help them find peace without wasting time.

In the future all psychologists will be guided by the wisdom of the unconscious mind in the dream messages, since this is a font of safe and positive information. Dreams show us important details of the dreamer’s personality, and of the dreamer’s past, alerting us to the reasons for all their problems. This way, we can also immediately find the right solutions.

As a matter of fact, the unconscious mind helps us in this point too, but without giving us instantaneous answers. We are helped with clues and confirmations when we are in the right direction during our research, because we have to be able to solve our problems alone, without depending on any guidance.

The truth is that we don’t need any other psychologist, because the unconscious mind already is the best psychologist and psychiatrist we could ever find.

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