Reclaim The True Meaning Of The Rainbow?

This article is not intended as an anti-gay message or to excite hatred towards homosexual individuals, but a reminder of the true meaning of the rainbow.

The true meaning of the rainbow

The rainbow is God’s Covenant (binding contract) with Noah and his sons that he would not only flood the earth ever again, but the covenant was totally unconditional. I.e. with no conditions whatsoever attached to it regardless whether the human race fails to uphold the covenant. Genesis 9:8, 9  . . .  And God spoke unto Noah, and to his sons with him, saying,  And I, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you.

What do the colours of God’s rainbow represent?

In the bible the colours of the rainbow are related to several scriptures:

  • Indigo is a dark background colour. The Hebrew term ‘kipper’ means to cover as well make atonement. It is the colour the veins which are covered by the skin and carry blood back to the heart that is full of impurities. The veins cover the impure blood. The word  indigo does not appear in scripture but relates to the term ‘ covering’ which is quoted in several scriptures, i.e. Genesis 7 :19 Leviticus: 17:13.
  • Green – refers to man’s perfect environment in the Garden of Eden. Green is the colour of plant life. Associated with healthy plant life, and, therefore, with happiness. And  – God’s mercy and eternal life Revelations 4:3 John saw the rainbow in appearance of an emerald and was able to look upon God without being killed.
  • Blue is the river of God – Revelations 22:1 and the Heavens – Psalms 102:2. It reminds us of how Jesus Christ as the Son of God who came down from Heaven in the form of man.
  • Red is the blood of Jesus, thus blood gives us life.
  • Orange represents the fire of God – ‘He is a consuming fire’ Exodus .24:17,Hebrews.12:29, Ex3:2
  • Yellow represents the Joy of the Lord or His light of life Psalms. 97:11, Revelations 22:5.
  • Violet – This colour was only worn by the kings Royalty and the priesthood and was considered to be an exquisite luxury as the dyes were very costly. Reference to kings and priests to God –  Revelations  1:6

But isn’t the rainbow nothing but a natural occurring phenomenon?

From  a scientific perspective  – Scientists cannot deny that the bible has no reference to any rain occurring on the earth prior to the appearance of the rainbow but afterwards. Genesis. 2:5 and Genesis. 7:4, 12. Also clouds did not appear prior to the flood but after. God’s creation of a rainbow required rain, hence  – Both the Bible and Science are consistent on this point.

Why does it matter to some that it has become a symbol of ‘Gay Pride’?

Because it goes against what God intended it to be  – after God created the rainbow – referring to Noah and his sons  – God blessed them, and told them to be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. God’s instruction here is very clear, and needs little elaboration as God created 2 humans of different sexes, male and female so that they could reproduce. There are several scriptures that are clear about homosexuality. I.e. Leviticus: 18:22 You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female, it is an abomination’.

Thus –  the reason why Christians are opposed to the beautiful gift – the rainbow being used as their ‘Gay Pride’ symbol.

The truth is  – is that the rainbow was not intentionally hijacked to create opposition between faith and gay pride. It originally derived from San Francisco’s artist Gilbert Baker in 1978 that came up with a flag with eight stripes. It is with deep regret that Baker’s rectangle flag took on the shape of the rainbow, as it has taken on 2 symbolic meanings. For instance heterosexual individuals are accused of being gay if they wear any clothing – such as T-shirt with a rainbow on it.

I for one truly and wholeheartedly believe that the rainbow is a sacred symbol of the Lord’s covenant. However – I also believe that us Christians must also bear in mind that the covenant applies to all of God’s people, and not just to a self-appointed moral majority.

How can we reclaim the True Meaning Of The Rainbow?

The bible clearly tells us that sin is not our judgement and I feel that the only productive step that we can take to preserve the rainbow’s true meaning is to be more active in spreading the word of God.

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