Russian-American Marriages: Are They Really More Happy?

Marriage companies swear that Russian-American marriages are probably the most successful ones. Is marrying a citizen the best of all worlds? They usually make it sound that if you find yourself a Russian wife you possibly can chill out and make certain that she shall be loyal, trustworthy, perpetually gorgeous and make your life a paradise.

While it is true that statistically (based on INS) Russian-American marriages don’t end in divorce as typically as Russian or American marriages do, many intercultural couples are nonetheless having their justifiable share of problems. Just because you are marrying a citizen of the U.S.A, it does not mean the relationship will be perfect.

If you are married to a Russian lady, you’ve got probably experienced a few of these problems as well.

Irrespective of how good the companion appears to each other, difficulties will still happen and it’s a good suggestion to be ready for them. I do know a Russian-American couple who virtually obtained divorced as a result of each partners had unrealistic expectations of each other.

Each of them, brainwashed –  by the marriage agencies, thought that the truth that Russian feminine and American male cultures work so well collectively is enough for their marriage to be perfect. They were very disappointed to find out that it indeed wasn’t and that their marriage, identical to anyone else’s marriage required numerous work. Fortunately, they had been able to find an amazing counselor who helped them work it out and now they appear very pleased with their marriage and with each other.

There is a misconception about k 1 visas and fiance immigration. A relationship is hard enough without adding in fiance immigration and all the k 1 visas complications. It provides another layer of difficulty that takes a lot of patience and time to before the couple can become comfortable with each other.

My husband and I had our difficulties as well, but since we didn’t meet by way of an agency, we weren’t expecting the whole lot to go smoothly. The primary 12 months of our marriage was the hardest, primarily because of numerous tradition clashes which occurred between us. We weren’t conversant in one another’s cultures enough and were taking offence at things which have been merely cultural.

Above said, I nonetheless think that it is safe to assume that Russian-American marriages have extra chances to succeed. Despite the fact that tradition variations may cause some problems, (especially if the couple just isn’t ready for them), they can additionally make the marriage stronger.

Most Russian and Eastern European girls are frightened of being single, so they have very sturdy household values.

They value their marriage and household more than anything and do their finest to make it work. They are dedicated, dependable they usually like to present their males all the authority, which many Western men find appealing. Psychologists say that men like women who give them authority, because it provides them self-affirmation and boosts their self-esteem. As a result they develop into more loving and caring, which, of course, girls like.

There are often two fundamental reasons why Russian-American marriages fail.

Considered one of them is huge age difference (25 years or more), even if the bride appears very mature for her age. Another excuse is the one I mentioned above: unrealistic expectations of each other. If both partners think their marriage goes to work out just because most Russian-American marriages do, it more than likely won’t. Marriage is hard work (which is well worth it, after all) and it takes each companions to understand it.

So whether you might be simply pondering getting married to a Russian or an Eastern-European lady or are married to one already, keep in mind that no matter what marriage companies are making you believe, these relationships are magic. If you wish to have a successful marriage you’ve got to pay attention to every others cultures, be open-minded and able to forgive. And in case you do, happiness will likely be right around the corner.

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