SEO – An Evaluation Of Keywords?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that helps websites to get higher position in the list of search results for specific keywords

An essential point in the SEO is the selection of keywords and phrases. On the one hand, they must match the content of your site, and the other to be used by consumers to search. One of the common mistakes in building the site and its optimization is incorrect assessment of key words and phrases used by users. Quite often a complete lack of such an assessment. Even worse is when the optimization of the site did not exist. The results are disastrous and un-optimized site is back on the lists of results. The relationship between position in the lists of results, traffic and sales is written repeatedly. Therefore, this issue was not covered by this article.

What is important in the selection and evaluation of keywords?

Firstly, it must be relevant to the content and specifics of the site. Let us assume that a site is dedicated to the publication of annual financial statements. The author has made best efforts to explain the process of publication, the elements of the annual financial statements, legal requirements and benefits of using the site by users. Logical site would be directed to attack positions of the first words of the annual financial statements. SEO there are clear rules for the evaluation of the choice of keywords. Logical reasoning and even seemingly optimal solutions are analyzed and checked.

First we will determine how our results showing Google search of annual financial statements. We use Google, because it is formed by its main traffic for a large number of Bulgarian Web sites. The results for annual financial statements have been 484 000 in annual financial statements 595 000 and 74,400 for YFS. What follows from these results? Under the same efforts and actions to optimize the hypothetical site is obvious that we will achieve better positions if they are targeting to optimize the site for YFS. Second. Very often, logical conclusions do not allow us to note the niche to which we can focus successfully and efficiently. In this case, the correct solution is to verify the initial hypothesis and to compare results obtained alternative. It appears possible to optimize the site for annual financial statements in respect of Annual Financial Statements.

The analysis does not stop here. SEO is a complex process that requires precise assessment

Abbreviation YFS provides us an opportunity to optimize the site, but is sufficiently used by consumers? Do not forget that the ultimate goal is to reach the forefront, but for keywords and phrases that are frequently used by consumers to search the Internet and correspond to the themes of the site. YFS is an abbreviation of the annual financial report, which had in the professional terminology specialists in finance and accounting. This means that YFS should have appropriate and relevant Web search. Google provides a tool for analysis of keywords, which helps to obtain approximately correct and current assessment of their use in the search.

For example – When checking a search for the phrase annual financial reports in Google AdWords Keyword Tool – you can pull out get 2900 results accordingly, plus results for 5400 Annual Financial Statements. The findings are clear and explicit. Better niche in the lists of results for AFS and greater demand from consumers. Changing the structure of the site itself, analyzing the keywords, the text, the construction of external and internal links are some of the questions, without solving that optimization is not effective. Professional support and SEO, can significantly minimize the risks of mistakes and guarantee positive results.

You can get easily knowledge about your site’s position and ranking There are plenty online websites that provide these.

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