Should I Have A Small dog Or A Larger One?

Small dogs can easily get settled up in your apartment or room – no matter how small or large it is

Many people assume that typical large sized dogs are more  intelligent and much more reliable. This is not always true.  Small dogs can be extremely intelligent and can perform activities at a quicker pace. Small dogs are also very active and friendly with home people in comparison with other typical large sized dogs, who tend to be lazier. Small dogs are very active and can be a great freind and play mate for your children..

Training a small dog is also quiet easier in comparison with teaching and training a large size typical dog. Furthermore, small dogs are easy to live with. In contrast, typical large sized dogs such as bull dog or German shepherd can be proved a little lazy and hence will learn in a greater time span. You can easily carry your small dog with you, no matter you are going to a night party or to casino. Carrying and putting small dogs in your car is also not a trouble. You can easily lift up your small dog in one hand. This will keep you other hand free.

Being small, active, cute and mischievous , small dogs are sometimes not preferred by  house- proud ladies. This is probably because small dogs can mess-up a house, bedroom, kitchen and dining hall just by being extremely inquisitive. The disadvantage is that you cannot readily grab the dog as he/she is small and fast. In such circumstances, you should train your dog very early the correct way. There’s no doubt that some of the small dogs are stubborn and they can prove really problematic in learning new things. You should be firm and patient in the training of your small dog.

Many people don’t treat large and small dogs equally

They think that small dogs are not that capable and hence can bear much more than a typical bull dog or German shepherd. This is a totally wrong perception. Small dogs also respond to your activities, show their angriness and happiness. You should also be able to respond to his/her activities so that the small dog can get more familiar and friendly with you.

Have you ever tried washing a big dog in the kitchen sink! Your little pooch is easier to clean up. 🙂 Psss I am biased: I love Chihuahua’s.

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