Single And Twin Turbo Kit – Which One Is Better?

If you are keen on car racing, speeding or drifting and can’t imagine your life without high speed, then this article is meant definitely for you.

Here are the pros and cons of different types of turbo kits

So, obviously you know that a turbocharger is a fuel-driven turbine, the main function of which is compressing the air for engine’s power and torque increase. The engine receives more power and hence more speed.

Today there are different solutions when it comes to installing a turbocharger: you can get a single turbo or a twin turbo system installed. Evidently, both systems are aimed at boosting up a vehicle, but still they have some differences. These differences are very important, since for this reason different turbo kits are efficient at different cars. Hence, right choice is the key to success and high speeds.

Twin turbo systems proved to be very efficient for daily street driving. Obviously, they produce power faster, because each turbocharger uses only four cylinders instead of the whole eight. With two twin turbochargers installed the engine works smoothly and boosts are achieved at much lower RPMs. As far as the price is concerned, two smaller turbos are cheaper that one large, but at the same time be aware that the installation of the twin turbo system is more complicated and thus expensive.

A large single turbocharger is perfect for those who are keen on drag racing, where outstanding power is required. It is easier and thus cheaper to set up, though the turbocharger itself is a rather expensive purchase. A single turbocharger uses eight cylinders for boosting up. It really creates outstanding power, but its main inevitable drawback is the extended turbo lag.

Since technical details and differences of single and twin turbo systems are rather numerous, it is better to ask the experts which one will suit your particular car model and engine the best. In case you don’t choose the turbocharger yourself, you have more chances for success, since in this case the choice will be dispassionate instead of being influenced by commercial or car amateurs’ erroneous opinion.

For example, a lot of people think that the larger turbocharger they install the more power they will get. As a result, they notice no difference after their car is upgraded, since the wrong-sized turbocharger is installed. Very often those who have a stock vehicle with a built-in single turbocharger want to change it for a twin set and vice versa. Each driver has its own opinion and requirements. That is why experts’ advice is so important in this case, since you will get installed what you really need, but not what is preferred by someone else.

Long time ago automobile changed into not only a vehicle but also a luxury and entertainment object. Many people would like to have powerful sport car but not everybody can afford it. There is a way out – turbo kits. Those who want to know how to turn their car into a unique masterpiece, check out this site. Lots of info about performance parts and how to purchase them.

Even if you are unlucky to find things you need, don’t frustrate. These days we have a truly unique chance to choose what you require for the best price on the market. All that we need is the online technologies. Use search engines, look for “car performance parts”, review blogs, social networks and forums. 

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