Time Of Retirement – Crisis Or Useful Experience?

For each of us the period of retirement is a crisis time of development


Those, who just retired, confront the need to resolve several important problems. First, it is a problem of structuring a large amount of free time that appears.

Secondly –  it is a search and testing of the new social roles. For those people who previously identified themselves with their social roles (for example, I am a chief engineer), there may be role shift.

Thirdly – you must find your own sphere of application of your activity.

In order to solve all these tasks successfully, a person must admit his own age and seek active ways to adapt to new situations.

Usually a person is trying to prepare for retirement. This process can be divided into three phases:

  • Dropping speed. At this stage, people, approaching retirement age, long to escape from a number of responsibilities, to narrow the scope of liability to avoid a sudden sharp downturn after retirement.
  • Advance planning. A person tries to present his life in retirement, to outline some plan of action or occupation, to which he will devote his spare time.
  • Living in expectation of retirement. People are busy with caring for completion of work and of registration of the pension. They practically already live with the goals and needs, which will encourage them to act in the remaining years of life.

Everyone, who retired is experiencing this event in different ways. Some perceive it as a loss of the sense of life, as the end of their usefulness. Such person does everything to remain in the workplace after retirement age. Lack of work makes a person to realize that his role in society is weakened. In this case he looks for those activities that would have given him a sense of his own value and involvement in the life of society.

For others, who perceived their work as a heavy duty or emergency need, retirement means freedom from a boring, tedious routine, the need to subordinate authorities. Now they have a lot of free time they can devote to their hobbies, caring for relatives, etc.

Remember, that the retirement age may be time for you to implement many plans and dreams. In order to ensure a decent standard of living after work, you should make the necessary preparations, like:

• open a retirement savings program as soon as you hired;
• pre-determine the future goals for which you save your funds;
• check the performances of your pension fund at least once a year to make sure that they meet the goals set by you;
• at the end of each year you should be sure that you were given all the tax benefits provided by law for retirement savings.

After the termination of your employment your income is your pension and accumulated funds by this moment. With the use of proper, good plan for retirement, you can save a good amount of money, what will help you achieve your financial goals and will help you to feel good and happy at the age of retirement.

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