Can I Find True Love With Online Dating?

Online dating can be both exhausting and frustrating particularly for men seeking women.


So unless you know how to appeal to and attract women online you can end up wasting a lot of time and money and become disillusioned and lonesome.

Here are some tips when considering an online dating site:


1. Join a dependable online dating site.


Countless online dating scams exist so it is crucially important to find a trustworthy and honest online dating site. You can identify the trustworthy sites by checking the testimonials and reviews from other users. Also before signing up to a dating site do a search on Google using the site name together with the word ‘scam’ to see if any bad feedback or reports exist for that particular site. Many blogs and forums will discuss the best online dating sites. Also before signing up do some preliminary searches to see when profiles were last active and the ratio of men to women. Also several scam sites have phony female profiles to entice men, so check out a few profiles if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

2. Make up a unique profile name that stands out.


Your online dating profile name will be the initial thing that will make women take notice of you. So give it some added thought and make up a unique enticing profile name that highlights your personality or acts as a lure to the person you are trying to appeal to. Do not be too crude, tacky or typical this will be a turn off.

3. Put together an enticing and desirable online dating profile.


Create an enticing and attractive profile but over – exaggerate as this could backfire on the first date. However you only want to grab attention from women you are attracted to otherwise you will waste time and money and may end up missing out on’ that someone special’. Therefore try to be specific about the person you desire by being descriptive and a little assertive. This will help to target your needs and minimize the chance of an uncomfortable. Avoid being too negative rather be as positive as possible otherwise you may come across as being miserable and difficult to be with. Describe in detail what you love not what you hate. Also use descriptive words not boring typical words that exist in most online dating profile.

4. Concentrate on what you can control.


Online dating can be like a lottery for men seeking women –  due to the ratio of men to women, consequently -as mentioned earlier people resort to lying and exaggerating to attract responses. However if you are seeking to find love through online dating fabricating details will only disadvantage you in the long run as eventually you will be found out when you meet face to face. You can not control what other people are doing just focus on attracting the women you desire.

5. Post a good picture.


In the online dating world, it is beneficial to include a good complimentary photograph that emphasizes your best attributes, as profiles with photos get far more attention. It is possible to use close-up shots, half a body shot or any style that you feel comfortable with. Consider the type of person you desire and how to best appeal to them.

6. Create a new email address specifically for online dating.

Create a brand new email address to avoid divulging personal information. You should never use any of your personal emails when using online dating services to avoid revealing your true identity to potential fraudsters.

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