Top Cases And Accessories For The Samsung Captivate

The Samsung Captivate is a touch-screen smartphone that brings social networking to the fingertips of consumers. It boasts a superior 4-inch Amoled screen and is palm-friendly because of its slim design. The Samsung Captivate comes complete with the latest in modern-cell technology, including a fast 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 7.2 Mbps 3G connectivity and it has HD video recording with 720p resolution at 30fps.

Further still, it also has Bluetooth 3.0 capable, 16GB internal memory capacity, and it has enhanced gaming capability due to its six-axis sensor. The Samsung Captivate also comes with SWYPE text input technology and has a 5-megapixel camera. Other highlights of the Samsung Captivate include its light weight feature even with added Samsung Captivate Accessories.

When people purchase the Samsung Captivate they will need Samsung Captivate Accessories. Two primary accessories people should invest in are the Samsung Captivate Screen Protectors and the Samsung Captivate Cases. These accessories will protect the Captivate from sustaining significant surface damage. Although the top Samsung Captivate Cases have protection capability, some of the best-selling cases include the Amzer Silicon Skin Jelly Case, the Zooly Silicon Skin Jelly Case, and the Zooly Hard Mesh Snap-on Case.

Samsung Captivate accessories come in many colors, like maroon-red, black, baby pink, white and purple to name a few. Other top Samsung Captivate accessories include Amzer Rubberized Red Snap On Crystal Hard Case and the Amzer Rubberized Blue Snap on Crystal Hard Case. These top Samsung Captivated cases also come in black and clear. Another Samsung Captivate case includes the Amzer Luxe Argyle Skin Case that comes in red, orange, blue, hot pink, green, clear and smoke grey.

Consumers should also consider purchasing Samsung Captivate Chargers, which fits their usage needs and lifestyle. For instance, those who are on the road and need an extra boost can purchase the Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Travel Charger for Samsung Captivate or the Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger for Samsung Captivate.

Customers can also consider the Samsung Micro-USB Travel Charger for Captivate the Solio Rocsta for a quick solar and emergency charge. Other choices in Samsung Captivate Chargers including the Motorola Micro-USB High Performance Car Charger and the Motorola Micro-USB Rapid Travel Charger. There is also the option of the Seidio Micro-USB High Output Folding Travel Charger for the Samsung Captivate. Samsung Captivate Chargers are affordable and will prove to be valuable investments for the future.

Now, consumers have smartphone to PC capability with the use of Samsung Captivate Desktop Chargers. This convenience makes it simple to keep in touch with family, friends and business partners, while charging the phone and using a personal computer. There are also several convenient choices in Samsung Captivate Desktop Chargers. One such choice is the Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger with USB Port for the Samsung Captivate.

Other choices include the Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Retractable Sync and Charge Cable for the Samsung Captivate and the Motorola Mini-USB to Micro-USB Charging Adapter. Prices for Samsung Desktop chargers are extremely reasonable. Even though there are several selections in Samsung Captivate Desktop Chargers, consumers will eventually need to purchase Samsung Captivate Batteries as spares or replacements.

The Samsung Captivate’s “Social Hub” feature provides real-time updates from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Other convenience features include manual volume control of the Samsung Captivate. Unlike other smartphones that turn off when you press the power button, the Samsung Captivate has a power switch that has a dual lock-and-hold feature which allows consumers to use some applications.

For consumer convenience, the micro-USB jack is located at the top of the Samsung Captivate for easy PC charging. With brighter screen colors and AllShare media technology, it’s no wonder consumers are making the Samsung Captivate their smartphone choice. Besides Samsung Captivate Chargers and Samsung Captivate Desktop Chargers, other Samsung Captivate Accessories includes Samsung Captivate Headsets and Samsung Captivate Vehicle Mounts.

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