Types Of Accommodation Are There Besides Hotels?

It should be noted that hotel is not the only accommodation type available on the market


Presently we have lots of kinds of accommodation. That is why, in any situation we have an alternative variants of stay, that gives us the freedom of choice. Let’s talk about different accommodation styles. What’s more, it would be useful to consider their pluses and minuses.

The first accommodation style you may want to consider is Bed and Breakfast lodgings.

Maybe, you’ve heard that in B&B accommodations guests usually live at the same building as the owners of lodging do. In fact a Bed and Breakfast is often a large family home or property that was converted into some kind of a family hotel. In most cases the owners of B&B accommodation try to provide each room with private bathrooms, but sometimes bathrooms may be shared amongst guests. Another plus of this accommodation type is that breakfast freshly cooked, or prepared, each morning by the hosts for a limited quality of people. Because of this this meal is usually tasty and quality done.

Now, let’s consider such accommodation types as hotels.

It has to be told that most rooms of this type of accommodation including Eugene Hotel have an ensuited bathroom and lounge area. And in some luxury hotels you can find some rooms that are more like large apartments and fully self contained. It’s a great benefit of Eugene Hotel, that it include an in-house restaurant, that give you an opportunity to have meals whenever you wish. Additionally, some good hotel may include swimming pool and may offer conference facilities. One more plus is that in Eugene Hotel they have a room service available.

Another extraordinary accommodation type is a farmstay.

Presently farmstays are located on rural properties and offer guests accommodation. The peculiarity of your stay at a farmstay is that you have an opportunity to experience day to day farm life and its activities. In fact, when staying in such lodging, you may not expect to receive some extraordinary services. The most you can expect for, if staying at farm is either fully self contained or at a minimum be a bedroom with ensuite and the opportunity to eat with the hosts. In case, you are eager to have an extraordinary vacation, you can spend it in farmstay.

Last but not the least, we are going to talk about caravan parks as an alternative to hotels.

Now caravan parks have evolved into mini resorts. In fact there you can receive all of, or a mixture of permanent onsite caravans available for short term or long term hire. At caravan park you can expect to get the following amenities shared toilet and bathroom facilities and a laundry. In addition, if you are looking for an entertainment, there you can enjoy BBQ’s, swimming pools, mini golf, kiosks, open fire places and children’s play grounds. If you want to spend good time at open air and are not afraid of the lack of service, caravan parks is your choice.

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