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Situated in the heart of Manchester, ‘The Manchester City Art Gallery’ is a great place to visit if you want to learn about both historic and modern art as it caters from the 17th century onwards.

When I first set foot in the gallery, the first thing I noticed is that the gallery exhibits alot of both past and present art works relating to Manchester itself. There was also a room dedicated to the textile industry.


The outer gallery building is quite impressive – with its huge pillars housing the entrance. Passing traffic could easily mistake it for the town hall though as similar architecture. The inner art gallery is very roomy with seating spread out here and there but the gallery – could probably do with some more seating as they were always occupied.

The gallery has catered for children very well because there was an interactive and large spacious area where chlidren could be creative. I think that this is a good idea because children quickly get bored if they are not getting involved in something. There is also a cafe and shop, so something for everyone.

Different art works are set out over 3 floors representing world artists such as Dutch, French,  and German etc. British works included Turner and Constable but I must admit that I did not find them that inspiring because I prefer modern art. There were also many drawings, watercolours, sculptures, posters and photographs etc on exhibit, but I did not have time to view every single piece in detail.
Below is a picture of one of the rooms that exhibits the Pre-Raphaelites. Apparently well-known as Britain’s first radical art movement.




The only familiar art that I noticed was works from L.S Lowry because my mum has a limited edition print of his hung in her bedroom.




Overall – I enjoyed my visit to the gallery, and to be honest, I haven’t set foot in one since primary school. I would like to see more art works, but probably visit some galleries that are more dedicated to modern and contemporary art, and it is difficult to learn about so many different works of art spread over decades – all in one day.

At least the entry to the gallery is free though, which gives people the opportunity for a revisit.



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