What Are The Best Family Dogs?

Dogs and children go together like peanut butter and jelly, as any parent can tell you. In most cases dogs and kids do make a wonderful match, as they do share a very special bond together with one another.
However, when a parent decides on getting a pet to bring home most people will want to know just what is the best dog breeds for families to own for their children.
This isn’t as simple as you might think. In order to find the dog that will be the best companion for your children, you need to take many factors into consideration, including the type of dog. Regardless of the breed of dog you choose, each animal has its own individual personality. Choosing a certain type of animal can be an important factor but also it is just one of several ingredients that will combine the temperament and the behavior of a dog.
Here are some of the factors that you as a parent should consider before ever purchasing one of these canines for a family pet to bond with your kids.


There are some dog breeds that have proven again and again to be good family dogs. In general, large dogs are more relaxed than smaller breeds. Some favorite family dogs include Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Poodles and German Shepherds.
Once you’ve decided on a breed or a few breeds that would be good for your family, you’ll want to learn about a dog’s bloodlines and genetics. Meet the dog’s mother and father if you can. Then there is the socialization that you along with the puppy’s breeder can provide. Your dog will need training in order to behave the way you would like him to. It’s just as important to teach your children how to behave around the dog.
Having pets in the home is good for children on many different levels.


They will play together, to the benefit of both the dog and the children. Many children will have such wonderful and fond memories of all the times that they shared with the family dogs.
Of course it’s not just all fun and games. Children with dogs or other pets in the home can learn about the responsibility that comes with having a pet. This is also an ideal opportunity for kids to learn about compassion, generosity and caring for someone smaller than they are. To help encourage a happy and safe relationship between your kids and your dog, here are a few suggestions.
The place to start, of course, is to research several breeds of dogs.


The American Kennel Club, or AKC, is a good place to start. Right on their website you can find a list of breeds. The listings will include various facts about each breed, including size, temperament and behaviors to look out for, such as excessive barking. They’ll even state whether this breed is good with kids. Another idea is to talk to a local dog trainer or veterinarian. They should be able to offer informed opinions about the suitability of different breeds. They may also know about pets that are available in your area.
It is a fact that there are really certain breeds of dogs that are better at being a family pet than others.


This will be for reasons like sizes, temperament, strength and also tolerance that they will have towards children. If you do your research and make your decision carefully, you’ll find a dog that fits into your family well, and your kids will enjoy the dog as much as the dog enjoys the children.
Now that you’ve chosen the right dog, make sure his health is going to be taken care of. Find a good veterinarian and do a pet insurance comparison to get good coverage at a reasonable price. .



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  1. I personally think that pitbull terriors have been and always will be the best choice for a family pet

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