What Are The Best Features Of The Samsung Wave?

Samsung has created its own operating system known as the Bada

Bada was introduced in an effort to stand out amongst all of those smartphones that use the Android OS and is receiving its official launch via Samsung’s brand new phone, the Samsung S8500. Going by the popular name the Wave, this phone provides an experience not quite like any other.

Possibly the most impressive feature on the Wave is the Super Amoled screen.

There are no issues to be had when looking at the screen due to its large, 3.3-inch size. Images are lively and vibrant in the 800 x 480 pixel resolution provided by the display which also supports an unbelievable 16 million colors. While surfing the web, pages come to life on a screen that rivals high end computer monitors in quality. You will find only three buttons on the front of the Wave, allowing the screen to become the focal point that it is intended to be.

The TouchWiz overlay is the user’s method of navigating the touch screen which will please those that have prior experience with Samsung products. Some new users may have some catching up to do when learning the TouchWiz, but it is fairly intuitive and doesn’t take long to learn. Accuracy is obviously important on a touch screen, but some phones’ screens are too sensitive. The Wave’s is not, and maintains an accuracy not found in other mid-range models. Smartphones must of course offer applications, and the Wave is no different.

Though the app store’s supply is currently relatively small, there are thousands in the approval process. This is not unusual for an operating system that is new to the scene. More apps will become available as more Bada-powered models are released. Facebook and Twitter apps are available, so there is no need to worry about staying connected to your social networks while other apps are approved.

The Wave offers two different home screen modes that offer access to the features found on the Wave.

One mode contains five home screens capable of supporting many widgets. The other mode is similar to a menu and provides three more screens featuring Twitter, Facebook, email, and others. The Wave capably and competently achieves the goals set forth by Samsung. Intended to unleash the Bada OS upon the world, it does just that in a package that will not overwhelm the user as they explore all that Bada can do. With an affordable price and an intuitive interface, the Wave fulfills its initial promise.


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