What Are The Form Factors Of Motherboards?

Form factors of motherboards -is  the standard for determining the amount of the charge, the attachment to the chassis and interfaces to connect components and other devices.



When considering  the form factor –  it will depend what type of connection (socket) processor will be used,and  how many slots contain for RAM, video cards and other devices.

Most motherboard manufacturers adhere to standards of form factors

This is to avoid incompatibility between the connected peripheral equipment, and expansion cards, however . . . 

Some motherboard manufacturers are still violating the standards of form factors.

Such producers deliberately exclude the possibility of connection of standard devices, because they themselves produce components for such motherboards. This is also due to politics of brand (Apple Computer, Commodore, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett Packard, Compaq). Form Factor motherboard also determines the size and shape of the hull in which it will be fixed.

Connection of CPU to the motherboard determines the socket. Socket – this jack is to be installed on the motherboard of the CPU that performs most of the operations and calculations on your computer.

There is a variety of sockets marking. For example, for Intel: Socket 478, Socket 775, Socket H (LGA 1156) Socket B (LGA 1366), for AMD: Socket 754, Socket 939, Socket AM2, Socket AM3.

Processor also has its own marking similar to motherboards socket

So if you get a motherboard with socket 775, then the processor must be marked with socket 775, etc. . .

The motherboard has connectors for installing RAM

If in the name of the motherboard information on supported memory is written in the form of DDR 800 +, it means that your motherboard has four slots for installing memory modules that can operate in dual channel mode. These connectors typically come in two colors, for example, two black and two yellow connectors (each motherboard differently).

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