What Defines a Traveller?


You are sure to know travelling is the most terrific thing ever invented by humanity

Not only does travelling broaden the mind, but it also gives us the sense of existing inviting to pleasure of sharing the world with millions of other nations. Undoubtedly, it is in human nature to travel; yet, in this fast moving world a new race of couch potatoes impregnated into the macrocosm of their houses is rising.

Those who have their hearts open to everything new like their ancient predecessors do love to travel. Indeed, modern travellers fall into different types, each of which has their own necesseties, wishes and preferences. The understanding of what type of traveller the person is can give a travel agent the chance to offer exactly what the person may wish. Let us discuss some of the major groups.

Types of Travellers: The first type of the most common traveller is the loafer who chooses journey and vacation packages which will include everything from fitness procedures, food to excursions. These people prefer to spend their holidays at the sea or in some glamourous districts of cities. They will go on a spending spree on their holidays only for the sake of rest and the luxurious taste of life. The perfect offer to such a person will be a four or five star hotel with all-inclusive package. These people are leisurely and happy with their life, often dressed in expensive clothes.

The following type of the traveller may be referred to as an extreme person. Such people prefer extreme sports. They usually choose some time of the year for their journey which will suit their need to quench their thirst for adrenalin. Surely, they would like to go to places, where they can descend from some extreme point, look into the eyes of danger, dive into the deepest sea and so on. These people are handsome, fit and quite romantic looking.

The third type is the backpacker. This traveller will choose the spots he or she can reach on foot. Beyond doubt, hiking or camping tour would suit this person ideally. For some reason, these travellers mostly do not pay attention to what they wear and they always have an air as if they are set to start anywhere this very second. Next type of travellers is called pilgrims. These can be the people who go to see some holy place or cherished object, or just travel to call on their relatives. They are all connected by one basic feature, they have a sacred task. These people usually look quite sure about the place they want to visit and the target of their journey.

And one more type to be discussed here is women travellers. For sure, we are not attempting to sound offensive here. Anyhow, there is a cast of travellers that may consist of a single female or a group of single females who will come to travel agent with a request to take them somewhere. These travellers are rather hard to please and they often turn quite dissatisfied with even the most wonderful tour in the world. At Jackson Hole Wyoming we know what the individual approach to each client is and how to please the most demanding traveller.

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