What Is – And How Useful Is A Pregnancy Calculator?

Childbirth can be daunting

Just having an idea of what you will be encountering for the full nine months would do much to ease a new mother’s fears and apprehensions. This is where a pregnancy calculator can be of help .

A pregnancy calculator will help you to establish some important dates in your journey towards childbirth.


If you visit your doctor or a prenatal clinic, one of the first things you are asked is the date of your last menstruation, how long a menstrual period usually lasts for you, and other such questions . They will then calculate your expected due date based on the facts you have given them. The specific variable needed for calculating due date is the first day of the last menstrual period you have had. They then count onward to 40 weeks from that time. At the end of these forty weeks is the probable due date. However, some mothers give birth at the 39th week, while others give birth at the 42nd.

If you have no plans of visiting the clinic yet, you can even do the math yourself. You can do this with the use of an online pregnancy calculator. These are to be found easily online. Once you find one, all you will have to do is fill in some blanks in an online form, then press “calculate.” The data that an online calculator asks are the same ones that a doctor, midwife, or nurse will ask of you at a medical clinic. The results can then be seen on the page. On it will be the estimated fetal age of the child you are carrying, and the number of weeks and days you are into your pregnancy. A number of these calculators will go so far as to show the day, month, and year of your trimesters and weekly pregnancy schedules.

A pregnancy calculator is important for making a close-to-accurate estimate on the due date for your childbirth.


This will allow you and your doctor or midwife to get a clear idea of the baby’s fetal age and thus his condition as regards to fetal growth, his height, and his weight. It will allow you to follow your baby’s growth and development in the womb. Any perceived problems about growth can then be resolved at once. Vitamins and supplements can be prescribed to you according to the results of the calculator.

Together with other means for determining fetal age such as first time you heard a heartbeat, first time the baby moved, ultrasound results, and the tracking of other symptoms of pregnancy, a pregnancy calculator will more or less situate you in a pregnancy calendar. Although this won’t be accurate to the day, it will still be an effective means of perceiving where you are in that calendar. It is helpful to understand these weekly and monthly changes in your childbearing body. Having a clear idea of the changes every week in the baby you are carrying will also be very useful to you, your husband, the doctor, and everyone involved in the birth.


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