What Is Modern Art?

Do you know what modern art exactly is?

The term “modern art” sends to the art movement that is close to modernism. Modernism became popular in the end of the nineteenth — at the beginning of twentieth century this art movement was born as the result of wide-scale and extensive changes in the culture of western society which were happening at that time.

At that time period the situation all over the world was sharply and fast changing and artists and philosophers thought that traditional shapes of art, architecture, literature and social organization had become out of date in the light the violent changes.

An essential part of modernism is self-consciousness, and it is also an essential part of modern art which often leads to the practice of experimenting with shapes. Artists created works that attracted attention to the processes and materials used in the works. Most experts suppose that the period of modern art began in 1863, Édouard Manet demonstrated his work The Luncheon in Paris this year. This work was quite disputable when it was demonstrated in the Salon des Refusés, at that time all unconventional art was displayed in that salon.

EdouardManet played a very important role in the modernism movement, because he had used art to hide art. And on the other hand, artists of modern art movement used art to attract attention to art. Manet made his subject matter more fair and as a result more true making evident the materials he used. This is the essence of impressionism.

Cubism, an avant-garde art movement that began at the beginning of the twentieth century. In fact:

Cubism was one more significant art movement that came out of modern art movement.


Cubism revolutionized painting, sculpture, music and literature in Europe. One of the most famous artists of cubism movement Pablo Picasso and Matisse are. The works of cubism movement use broken objects, analysis and reassembling of abstract shapes.

The main in modern art is creating something that differs from what had been done before. Impressionism and cubism both do that and do that very well. Impressionism and cubism movements created a very interesting period in the history of art.

There are no people who are indifferent to the art world. The truly connoisseurs of art learn about the history of art and find the facts as amazing as art itself. Those who can not say about themselves that they are connoisseurs of art find art history interesting too. If you have never tried to explore the history of modern art you should do that. You really will open a new world and learn many interesting things. Viewing the works of modern art becomes much more interesting if you know that main it aspects and its history.

Fortunately we live in the world of digital technologies. Modern web technologies provide us with a way to break the borders and search modern abstract art paintings all over the world. Go to different social networks, review related topics, join online discussions in niche forums. All this will help you be well informed about the events concerning your hobby. And, subscribe to the RSS on this blog not to miss new publications on the topic.

MODERN WORKS OF ART – When did it happen?

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