What Makes An Excellent Game Server Company?

Gamers and clans will be constantly looking for better game server providers. But what defines quality game servers? Well a wide range of things like price, support, ping and network and server hardware.


The cost is all relative to everything else when looking. If you go budget then expect no frills and not a lot else. Don’t get me wrong there are some excellent cheap hosts but also some I would not touch if you paid me! If you pay more you should get more but this is not always the case. Some will give you more – but do you need it?


I certainly do not enjoy things going wrong. But when it does go pop we need to know people are able to help. Getting your support should be a secure and easy process when you want it. If your server ends up with a hardware issue then avoid companies who use middle men. Many companies rent servers from another company, who rent them from someone else, who rent the rack space from someone else, and they then rent from the data centre.

That was a simple example but the long string of companies can make things very complex. Getting a server from a company that owns their own hardware and rents the rack space directly is miles quicker and easier. Hours of support are critical – you want gamer’s hours not business hours. 9 – 5 support may well be good for business customers but gamers are at work then, thus they want weekend and evening support. As otherwise you are sat waiting for the next working day to get your issue looked at and possibly fixed. for aid with your CSS servers.


A Pentium 4 with 1GB of RAM cracked the job easily 6 years ago but not now. The way forward is quad cores but a dual core processor is still good – look for 4gb of RAM to make sure your game stays lag free. This is not to say that the companies load their COD4 servers relative to what they can take. Over selling servers is a thing that budget providers do and so at peak times expect the quality to be lacking. So do your research and ask for a test server or test IP’s, if you know the companies entire IP range then pop it in Game Monitor and hand pick servers yourself to try.

Network connection

People want no lag but this will never happen – getting as low as possible is the aim. Game servers hosts will quote you the port speed of the server like 100mbit or 1gbit, but this is not that important. It’s what the link between their core switch to their upstream transit provider is. Communicating with other servers on the hosts network can be as fast as they like, but if they only have a 10mbit connection out to the internet then it will be slow.


Read testimonials left for a company on their forums but also search the internet for them, as these can paint a different picture. Many companies are open about the testimonials and will leave bad ones for people to read on there forums to prove they are only human.

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