What Should I Track In Pay Per Click?

Individually tracking every keyword list is the key to the success of a PPC campaign

And this applies even when your keyword list entails thousands of keywords. It is this commitment to track successful keywords and dump unsuccessful ones that separates the ‘boys from the men’ when it comes to making money using Google Adwords or PPCs in general. And if it is not nonetheless obvious, this is where the bulk of the work in programs like Google Money lay; surfing your daily reports with a tooth pick.

Fortunately – the web analytics market is very subtle with the revealing of the free Google Analytics version 2.zero early this year.

 This net analytic application didn’t outdo its competition but is literally annihilating the industrial web analytics. Within the words of Complete Daison of ThinkMetric (a net analytics consultancy company) “the competition is dead. They solely haven’t stopped moving nevertheless”

Therefore  – what’s web analytics and why ought to you care?


Well, a highly respected internet research company defines internet analytics as the process of measuring websites, analyzing the information and creating changes primarily based on the analysis. In PPC, the analysis of the whole visitor experience (sales process) is of survival importance; from the Advert to the Thank You Page, through Sales Pages, Opt-in Pages etc. But here comes the problem with internet analytic tools.

They’ll produce tons of metrics. You can for instance tell with pin-point accuracy how many guests from Kenya came to your web site through Yahoo Search that have a screen resolution of 800 by 600 with their java script enabled and stayed for additional than a moment, in any explicit day. And most likely with a very little tweak you’ll tell if they support Raila or Kibaki for president.

Folks use web statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post, for support instead of illumination!


In different words, because you have numbers will not essentially mean they’re important. The importance is in what the numbers unveil. Your internet stats ought to facilitate your optimize your guests experience and consequently the sale as method bringing regarding effective conversion then people that are happy to buy from you.

Having said that – there is what Dainow calls “Key Key Performance Indicators” (KKPI). These are the metrics you should know concerning your website. They embrace Average page read per visit, Average time on website, Bounce rate and Value per conversion. Note that these metrics are found on the web site that you send your traffic/visitors to. They are doing not embrace an equally important metric, the Click Through Rate (CTR) of the advertisement.

It is the opinion of this author that Price per conversion is the only most significant metric in PPC .The remainder illuminates it. Price per conversion is the price of making a sale. Clearly to be profitable this should be such that it allows you to form a profit from your pay per click account.

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